No need to choose between bi-fold or sliding doors — a third option *does* exist

This new innovative choice combines the benefits of bi-fold and sliding doors

A city apartment with slide and turn doors
(Image credit: IDsystems)

For many people tackling a renovation or redevelopment project, the end goal is to extend their social space out onto the terrace or patio. To provide that seamless connection that blurs the indoors and out, customers have been presented with two options: bifoldsor sliding doors. But now, there is a practical and aesthetic alternative that pays dividends.

Combining the benefits of bifold and aluminium sliding doors, the unique new slide and turn door system from IDSystems is the ultimate in flexibility and wow factor. The Swiss-designed vistaline doors (also known as slide and swing or slide and stack doors) consist of individual glazed panels that concertina before turning and stacking, offering the narrow sightlines of sliding doors but with the advantage of opening up the space entirely, allowing natural light to pour in, just as bi-folding doors do.

Slide and turn doors versus bifold and sliding doors

Slide and turn doors in a dining area with view of outdoor garden area

(Image credit: IDSystems)

Popularity-wise, there has been a paradigm shift in trends away from bifold doors and towards sliding doors over the past five years.  

“The large panes of glass and narrow frames that can be achieved with sliding doors make them a must-have for larger builds, though bi-folding doors still have their place, especially for smaller renovation projects where the fixed panel of sliding doors would block the space,” says Edward Stobart, sales manager at IDSystems.

“Our vistaline slide and turn doors combine the benefits of both, and have super-slim 45mm sightlines.”

How do slide and turn doors work?

IDSystems slide and turn doors

(Image credit: IDSystems)

As well as gliding along and turning to stack at right angles at one end of the track for a completely open aperture, the individual, independently-operating panels can simply slide open at intervals, revealing small or large gaps depending on how much fresh air you want to bring into your home. The top-hung vistaline system opens effortlessly and smoothly.

Space-savvy stackable panels

Unlike bifold doors — where the panels open up before sliding — the vistaline system slides along a single track before turning to stack at the end, meaning indoor and outdoor furniture can be positioned close to the doors. This is ideal for those with cosy courtyard gardens or small interior spaces.

“The vistaline system is ideal where space is limited on a patio, in a living room, or even on a balcony," says Stobart. "You aren’t going to catch plant pots or furniture as you open up the doors, meaning you have more usable space, whether the doors are open or closed."

An energy-efficient solution

Slide and turn doors in living-dining area with statement lighting fixture

(Image credit: IDSystems)

Whether you're planning to install slide-and-turn doors in your new build or a renovation project, the goal is a stylish system that keeps energy costs down. With triple-glazing as standard, vistaline doors from IDSystems can achieve a U-value (the measure of heat transfer) as low as just 1.1W/m²K. The system’s aluminium frames are thermally broken, which prevents the transfer and loss of heat through the frames of the doors — making them an ideal solution for an environmentally-conscious project.

How to contact IDSystems

For more information about IDSystems’ exclusive vistaline slide and turn doors, visit IDSystems, email your architect's drawings to, or call 01603 408804.  

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