5 ways glazed internal doors can transform your space

Glazed internal doors with frosted glass in kitchen with black frame
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It’s easy to underestimate how internal doors can impact your home, but bulky frames and dull living spaces that feel totally closed off are a thing of the past and there are lots of brilliant features to look for in new internal doors that can completely revolutionise how your rooms, and entire household, feels.

From letting more light in, to enhancing your home’s design and streamlining the functionality of your space day to day, there are plenty of reasons why it’s worth exploring glazed internal doors.

1. Redesigning open plan living 

Over the past few years, open plan layouts were one of the most popular home configurations around, blending different living zones and letting more light bounce around even smaller spaces. Now, we’re actually looking to redefine our rooms, so that the dining space doesn’t creep into the home office for example. So for those who can’t, or who would rather not, go open plan, glazed internal doors like those from Origin's new OI-30 collection, offer a stylish solution - allowing households to keep a broken plan layout, whilst nodding to a lofty and light finish.

Origin's OI-30 glazed internal door collection in situ in modern home

(Image credit: Origin)

2. Tapping into your lifestyle needs

Sleeker than other designs on the market, the Origin OI-30 Internal Door system offers four beautiful configuration options: a French Door, Single Door, Fixed Screen or a combination with a corner post to create a whole new space. These ensure the door can suit a variety of room shapes and household needs.

Whether you’ve a newly installed downstairs toilet that wants more privacy, or a children’s playroom that you’d like to feel more connected to the neighbouring living room space, your chosen installer can offer Origin’s internal doors with a variety of glazing options to suit each individual space. Choose from clear, frosted or reeded glass, depending on the practical needs of the room and on your design preferences.

As they are all completely customisable, you can select everything from the configuration that suits the room’s shape, as well as the preferred door opening direction and much more to make the most of the space you are working with. Additionally, the powdercoating of the OI-30 internal door frames not only looks great aesthetically, but it also makes them more forgiving to any light scuffs and scrapes from a busy home environment ­– ideal for families with pets and kids in tow. 

Glazed internal doors

(Image credit: Origin)

3. Enhancing your home’s aesthetic

Much like how the colour of your walls and the type of floor you have will impact the overall feel of your space, internal doors are no different and glazed doors offer a world of interior design possibilities. 

Customisable options from Origin will allow you to refine your home’s look, whether you seek a more classic or modern finish. 

Choose your overall size and glazing bar configuration. Add more bars and the likes of kickplates or solid panels for a more traditional look, or less if your interior design style leans towards minimalism. Letting you define all of the smaller, nonetheless important, details like the type of handle will make all the difference. Discover signature, heritage options or take your pick from the contemporary collection and see how matt black, satin brass and many more elegant designs can match the colour scheme and material finishes around your home.

Glazed internal doors on grey partition wall in hallway

(Image credit: Origin)

4. Build your space to last

Internal doors form the bones of your home’s internal structure and Origin’s collection of glazed doors are built with premium grade aluminium and designed with seamless operation in mind, with no compromise on their flawless finish, making them a worthwhile investment.

The OI-30 doors even come with an industry-leading warranty of up to 20 years to give you peace of mind that they shouldn’t need replacing, anytime soon. And, with models starting from just £1,400, including the frame, glass and installation, you’ll be making a beautiful investment - and likely making the most of your budget.

Origin's OI-30 glazed internal door collection in situ in modern home

(Image credit: Origin)

5. Bringing your home to life, in a flash

When you want to transform the look of your home and inject more energy into your surroundings, you usually want to do it as soon as possible. Installing glazed internal doors can make a dramatic difference instantly and when using a manufacturer with a renowned reputation like Origin, you can count on quality. Visit origin-global.com today to find your local installer who will help you design and customise your doors, meaning that smartening up your home has never been easier or more enjoyable.

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