5 reasons why you should consider a bespoke staircase

Choose a bespoke staircase for tailored design, high-quality materials, and more

(Image credit: British Spirals & Castings)

 If you’re refurbishing an old home or building a new one, at some point you’ll be deciding whether to go for a bespoke staircase or get a staircase kit. Which one should you go for? The answer will partly depend on your budget: it is true that staircase kits do tend to be cheaper. However, the staircase is a very important structural and design element in the home, and if your property is in any way non-standard (this applies to virtually all homes in the UK), you should consider a bespoke staircase with a reliable company such as British Spirals & Castings. Here’s why.  

1.  A bespoke staircase will fit the exact requirements for your home 

(Image credit: British Spirals & Castings)

If you’re refurbishing a period property, it’s highly advisable to go bespoke. Period homes tend to have non-standard dimensions; some have sloping ceilings or narrow hallways that require skill and experience to work with. 

Moreover, when you choose a bespoke staircase, the manufacturer will talk you through not just the particular requirements of your property, but also how you will be using it. For example, will there be children playing in the home, which will have extra safety implications for your staircase design? If you plan on living on your own, would you rather save on space and go for a narrower staircase? A bespoke maker will tailor the staircase to your needs.

2. Going bespoke can help you maximise the amount of natural light in your home 

If part of the idea behind your renovation or refurbishment project is to increase the amount of natural light coming in, the staircase can have a surprisingly important role to play. Features such as open risers and glass balustrades can make all the difference to visually opening up a hallway and making sure that light passes through rather than being blocked by the staircase. Bespoke staircase makers have plenty of experience designing and making staircases with maximising natural light in mind.   

(Image credit: British Spirals & Castings)

3. Bespoke staircase makers will advise you on the correct staircase size 

Not everyone knows this before starting their building project, but there are specific regulations that will apply to your staircase. Staircases need to be safe in case of evacuation in an emergency, and there are different dimension limits in place depending on how many people will be using the staircase and the size and use of the property. By working with a bespoke manufacturer, you can have confidence that the staircase will meet these requirements.   

4. A bespoke staircase will improve the design of your hallway 

(Image credit: British Spirals & Castings)

A beautifully designed staircase can completely transform the way your home looks, especially in open-plan layouts. Whether you’re after an ultra-modern, transparent design, or an ornate metal staircase with unique features to enhance a period home’s hallway, British Spirals & Castings can produce staircases that are completely bespoke, including bespoke patterns for treads and spindles.  

(Image credit: British Spirals & Castings)

5. Bespoke manufacturers offer better quality materials 

If you are going for a staircase kit, you’ll need to thoroughly research the quality and provenance of the materials used. The last thing you want is a staircase that’s flimsy and will need to be replaced in only a few years. British Spirals & Castings use the finest hardwoods and own their own foundry at which they produce all the case aluminium sections for their staircase. Homeowners can either choose from one of a range of existing designs, tailoring the type of wood and powder coating on any metalwork to their needs.