Lavazza Tiny Coffee Machine review

Think tiny machine but big flavours... the Lavazza Tiny really does pack a punch

Lavazza Tiny - Real Homes review
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Real Homes Verdict

Compact and ready to go, this pod coffee machine will brew you a delicious espresso, in a hurry.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Space saver

  • +

    Simple to use

  • +

    Great result

  • +

    Good value

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Limited to just espresso and tiny cups

  • -

    If you prefer ground beans

If you’re a coffee-lover looking for an easy to use espresso machine that will knock your socks off in the morning, let us introduce you to Lavazza A Modo Mio Tiny Espresso Coffee Machine. This pod coffee machine is perfect for small space dwellers who need espresso in quicktime but who may not have enough room or budget for a coffee-shop style espresso machine. And if coffee pod machines weren’t already convenient to boot, the Lavazza Tiny is super speedy, quiet and delivers delicious results. 

Check out how it faired in our round up of the best coffee machines about for 2020 and you can find the full and highly caffeinated review below.   

Lavazza Tiny Espresso Coffee Machine specifications: 

  • Coffee type: pod (Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules) 
  • Pressure: 15 bar 
  • Tank capacity:  0.75 L 
  • Dimensions: H24.6 x W12 x D29cm
  • Weight: 2.7kg

Who will the Lavazza Tiny Espresso Coffee Machine suit?  

This would suit someone who is on the go, and who loves an espresso, as well as any host who likes to champion espresso martinis on the regular. 

Lavazza tiny review - real homes

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What is the Lavazza Tiny Espresso Coffee Machine like to use? 

This machine is tiny but packs a punch of an espresso and is fired up and ready to brew in 25 seconds flat. It’s fairly quiet, and with no kettle boiling or twiddling fingers necessary, you won’t be waking up the whole house when you’ve got an early start. It’s a seamless start to any day.  

 Ease of brewing 

You only need to fill the water tank up, remove the pod tray and pop your pod in (it snaps into place like a dream), then you’re ready to click the on/off/go button. Although you’ll only be getting espresso here, the free use button means that you can make the espresso longer if you’d like. Simply click to start the brew and then click again when your espresso is brewed to your preferred size. 

How does the Lavazza Tiny Espresso Coffee Machine fair on the eye? 

It’s compact (tiny) and the design is streamlined so it will add a little modern-luxe to a gap on a kitchen counter, but could also work in your home office space, outhouse kitchen, or as a gift for the university student stuck in a tiny room but in need of a lot of caffeine. We could go on!  

Cleaning and maintenance 

Simplicity is bliss, especially in the morning, and this one is a doddle to clean. On first use, you’ll need to rinse out the water tank and fill it with a minimum 0.5 litres of fresh water. Then run the machine without a pod inserted for an easy cleanse. You’re then good to go. You can do this weekly to clean the coffee dispenser and general maintenance otherwise is simply wiping the machine down with a warm and damp cloth – easily done as there are not many nooks and crannies where you’ll find grubby coffee build-up. You can remove the excess water drawer and drip tray also which catches any ends of espresso. Plus, the removable parts can be bunged in the dishwasher.

The first use cleanse is a similar process for descaling, only you’ll need to action the process, before adding the descaling agent and leaving it to work for 15–20 minutes. You’d then need to repeat the process again until the water tank is empty, rinse the tank out and replace it with fresh water, before repeating the process. Repeat the water rinse one more time to complete the descaling process.

Lavazza eco caps - Real Homes review

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 What are the Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules like? 

The espresso itself is rich and delicious, complete with that lovely crema layer on top which – let’s be honest here – makes an espresso. 

Lavazza actually makes these pods now biodegradable so no guilt there, plus, there are lots of different varieties to try for real coffee bean connoisseurs.

Something to consider... 

It’s espresso or nothing. So if you’re looking for a latte, you’re going to need a milk frother on the side. And, if you like a big mug, not for you as you’ll have to hold it in place as your coffee brews. Even though the pods are biodegradable, they still need to be bought and disposed of correctly, which is a bit of a faff. And you also have to eject the used capsules manually – not a deal breaker, just something to consider.

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