Simba’s new mattress is here! Here’s what their new foam base is all about...

The Simba Comfort mattress is unlike anything you've ever seen before

Simba Comfort mattress, rolled
(Image credit: Simba)

Simba have released a new mattress, the Simba Comfort. While we love their Hybrid mattress, we want a full foam option from one of the best mattress brands out there. And as luck would have it, their new venture sees the premium mattress brand delve into the depths of all-foam mattresses. Bye bye back pain, hello eight hours shut-eye.

For those who are desperate to buy straight away, it’s currently cheapest at eBay. So this means you can collect Nectar points in the process, and you’ll get free delivery. So, whatever reason you’re buying a new mattress – just moved home? Redecorating your bedroom? Recently inherited a spare room due to offspring moving out? Or, simply just need to update your mattress on a budget? Simba’s new mattress, aptly named the Simba Comfort, is a great option: price and quality in mind. You’ll also be pleased to hear that it’s sold in single, double, king and super-king sizes. Something for everyone...

It’s no secret Simba develops hi-tech products to provide you with the most comfortable sleeping accessories out there. So, if you need convincing to try their new mattress, here are 5 reasons you should give it a go...

1. The cheap price tag (AND there’s an extra 10% off right now!)

Simba Comfort mattress side view

(Image credit: Simba)

That’s right: although a newer addition, the Simba Comfort is, in fact, a cheaper option than their Hybrid mattress. Prices start from £269 for a single – bargain – while the Simba Hybrid comes in at £449 for a single size. Don’t let that put you off, though: the only reason the Comfort Mattress doesn’t have a larger price tag is because it doesn’t feature the patented spring layer. We’d also like to add that the Simba Comfort’s price is considerably less than most high-street alternatives. It’s a no-brainer then…

What’s more? Right now, if you use the code PETAL10 when checking out at eBay, you’ll bag an extra 10 per cent off the new mattress of your dreams. Starts 3rd March ends 6th March.

2. It’s cheapest at eBay

Several people assume eBay is the place to buy second hand items only. Wrong! Several brands – including Simba – have their own eBay page to sell products through a different website, nine times out of 10 for a cheaper price, too. In fact, the Simba Comfort is currently at its cheapest price on eBay –  you're welcome. And they even offer free delivery on all products. It’s also easy to track your order and you’re buying through a website you know and trust. Peace of mind.

3. It’s made from THREE layers

Simba Comfort Mattress layers description

(Image credit: Simba)

Engineered with comfort in mind, the Simba Comfort mattress provides a healthy balance of support and comfort from three different layers, measuring 19cm in depth. Layer one –  and at the top – is a hypoallergenic knitted cover. It’s breathable, Standard 100 OEKO TEX certified and allows for airflow. Layer number two is a Simbatex comfort layer – this is lightly cushioned thanks to cooling foam. Last but definitely not least important, the third layer is a zoned high definition solid foam base which is medium to firm for durability, comfort and support. It should be noted that all foam used in the Simba Comfort mattress is CertiPUR certified, so independently tested to ensure no harmful chemicals have snuck in.

4. It’s great for ALL sleepers

While we all know there’s no one mattress type to fit all, the Simba Comfort has been created with every type of sleeper in mind – front, back and side. Those who suffer from joint pain will be pleasantly surprised by its motion transfer which means no more waking your partner every time you roll over. Rejoice. Hot sleeper? Constantly shivering in the night? You can enjoy a temperature-regulating night’s sleep whether you run hot or cold thanks to the cooling technology built in the foam. No compromising if you’re a cold sleeper but sleep next to someone whose temperature is the equivalent of a radiators.

5. It comes in a box, and with a 30-night trial

Simba Comfort mattress, rolled

(Image credit: Simba)

The Simba Comfort, much like their hybrid mattress, will arrive at your front door in a box, vacuum-packed. It’ll be fully expanded in 72 hours. The best part? It’s a lighter mattress than others, making setup and moving around a breeze. If you’ve never purchased a mattress online and the thought makes you slightly nervous, sleep better knowing that eBay offer a 30-night free trial with this mattress as well as a three-year manufacturer guarantee – Simba will swap it for a new one should anything go wrong.

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