Plant your own wildflower garden for FREE with this B&Q cashback voucher deal

Save the bees for free? Sounds good. Get £15 cashback at B&Q when you spend £15 with this offer provided by TopCashback

Save the bees with a wildlife garden

Keen to help save the bees this summer by planting your own wildflower garden? You can do this even if you don't have a garden – a balcony or windowsill will do. All you'll need is a plant pot and a wildflower mix (check out our best wildflower seed mixes for inspiration). 

And, amazingly, you could start your own balcony or patio bee-friendly garden for free, with the current TopCashback offer which allows you to get £15 cashback on a £15 spend at B&Q. 

So, you could get the Tiwlip Round Glazed Blue Pot  (£7) and the Westland Nature's haven easy wild flowers seeds & granular compost (£7.98, below) and get all your money back.

The offer is limited to new members who haven't had cashback via TopCashback before, and is first come, first served for the first 5,000 new members. 

Westland Nature's haven easy wild flowers Seeds & granular compost

(Image: © B&Q)