Aldi is having a pet event in stores tomorrow!

That doesn't mean puppies in your local Aldi store, but it does mean that you can pick up heaps of treats for your furry friends, for less at the pet event!

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When we saw that an Aldi Pet Event was in place for the Special Buys this week, we too had images of aisles filled with animals for you to cuddle and pet... Alas, this won't be the case, but what it does mean is that Aldi is selling a load of lovely, practical pet accessories at amazing prices! Yes alright, we know it's not as amazing as cuddling a puppy as you do your weekly shop but we still reckon it's worth knowing about!

Keep scrolling to see the best bits that are in store and online from Thursday 20th February and head to our pets hub page for more buys from your furry friends. 

(Image credit: Aldi)

Try and ignore the adorable puppy, we know it's hard, but take a look at stripy bed it's lying on, and the very cute matching toy annnnd the blanket it's cuddling, they all come as a bundle from Aldi. It's just £18.99 too!

There are loads of pet bed options actually to suit all sizes. We also like the look of the Plush Pet Bed in herringbone, it's only £13.99 and we have seen this style other places for more than double that!

(Image credit: Aldi)

Owwww, doggy outfits! Yep Aldi is selling them this week too. They have some very cute harnesses with a very extra fluffy trim. There are also some very stylish leads, and a bow tie!

(Image credit: Aldi)

And to match that gorgeous new bed and new collar your pet will obviously want some new lovely pet bowls (sorry you will want new some lovely pet bowls). These wooden stands which hold two bowls are potentially the most stylish pet feeding stations we have seen! Plus they are both just £9.99.

(Image credit: Aldi)

If you are after a really practical buy for your pets, this automatic pet feeder is ideal for cats or small dogs. All you have to do is fill up the bowls and then just set the timer to open the lid at their normal meal times! This is only £26.99 too. 

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