The most in-style home interior colour schemes recreated in Animal Crossing

Everything you keep your island getaway abode up to date with the latest trends

Animal Crossing: Grown up pinks
(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

The stratospheric success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch has been no surprise. Yet, what no-one saw coming was the rise of the game as a platform for truly inspirational interior design ideas with its huge library of furniture and customisation options. Here then are ten of this year’s most in-style home interior colour schemes recreated in the game. Where possible, to protect your limited design slots, we have selected customisation options and patterns already present in your pockets. Happy home designing. 

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Wood finish kitchen

Animal Crossing: Wood finish kitchen

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

There’s a reason that the Ironwood range is all Animal Crossing Reddit seems to care about when it comes to kitchen design. Beg, borrow or steal these crafting recipes for a homely and textured wood finished kitchen worthy of endless Happy Home Academy Awards. Accessorise with the black version of the Espresso Machine and a traditional coffee grinder for true hipster chic. And, if that chocolate treat looks too delicious for words, you’ll have to wait for your birthday and then customise Mom’s Homemade Cake. It’s worth the wait. 

Cath Kidston prints 

Animal Crossing: Cath Kidston prints

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

How do you know to take a video game seriously as a home interior design platform? When real life companies like Cath Kidston start making it possible to decorate with its iconic fabrics. Three of the company’s most recognisable designs are available as QR codes here. You can download the vibrant original Button Rose design, Strawberry Gingham for those all-important tea parties with your villagers, and, pictured above, the playful Wheels and Wings Cadet design, complete with Double Decker buses for the perfect kids room. Remember, these can go anywhere you find fabric customisation options so flooring, chairs, beds, and cushions can all be decorated to match.

Bold monochrome bathroom 

Animal Crossing: Bold monochrome bathroom

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

It’s 2020. Monochrome doesn’t just mean black and white anymore. Black and blue makes for an eye-catching bathroom combination with bold tiling and a few select natural greens. Pairing the Patterned Tile Flooring with a simple Blue Tile Wall, it doesn’t take much to make the blues pop here and feel like your AC bathroom has ascended to a higher design plane. Customise the Plain Sink with blue tiles, accessorise with the Whirlpool Bath, and add the Monstera and Floating-Biotope Planter for the ultimate in Instagrammable minimalism.  

Calming white office 

Animal Crossing: Calming white office

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

Time to chill those working from home vibes with a peaceful and productive white office space. With warmth from the oak iteration of the Ironwood Dresser and the peaceful Monochromatic Dotted Wall and rug combo, there’s plenty of zen tones for those all-important calming thoughts. You’ll need the recipe and then 5 books and 10 wood for each of the white Wooden Bookcases but they make essential additions for a modern office space. Might we suggest K.K Etude for a peaceful work anthem on that record player too.  

Monochrome living space 

Animal Crossing: Monochrome living space

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

It’s time to be brave and bring black and white into your living room. Monochrome can be welcoming too and you can always add the extra warmth of a brown Double Sofa to save things from being a little too Tim Burton. The Black Brick Floor and White Painted Wood Wall make a homely pairing alongside the Wood-Burning Stove and crafted logs. Customise the wooden furniture range with a lick of black paint for added contrast, and don’t be afraid to mix up the black iron crafting recipes with a terrarium or two for some bonus added colour. 

Grown up pinks 

Animal Crossing: Grown up pinks

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

It’s time to reclaim pink from Barbie and co. Grown up bedrooms can have pink too but the key is to bring balance with plenty of bright whites. Customise the Log Bed with a white birch effect and pink dot pattern and there’s no danger of feeling a little too Disney Princess. The white Rattan range keeps things textured and natural alongside a copper terrarium. For bonus ‘I’ve got a balcony and lake view’ boasting, carefully position the Pink Climbing Wall as panels, spin the hand holds out of shot and make a ‘sunbathing’ area outside. Thanks, Reddit. 

Grandmillennial style

Animal Crossing: Grandmillennial style

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

Also known as ‘Granny Chic’ it looks like anything goes when it comes to Grandmillennial style but that’s not quite true. To attain that superior Instagrammability, you’ll need to make sure that you’re accessorising with just the right velvets, chintz, and over-the-top fabrics for that true modern-yet- somehow-old-school feel. Dark woods and bright prints make the perfect combination for this style and you’ll finally find a use for Mom’s Tissue Box. And don’t miss the chance to go fully analogue with the cute Rotary Phone and Typewriter.

Japandi interiors 

Animal Crossing: Japandi interiors

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

A perfect combination of Japanese and Scandinavian design, Japandi interiors scream minimalism but also cosy. Focus on whites, light woods and natural materials for this unique blend of two very different cultural styles. It’s time to put all that bamboo to good use and customise your shelf recipe away from the traditional green to the lighter dried bamboo. The associated lamp, sphere and other accessories can also be switched up. Add some smooth lines of Scandinavian design and pair with the Screen Wall and Dark Bamboo rug for a naturally welcoming living space. 

Soft Tropics 

Animal Crossing: Soft Tropics

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

Bring the outside of your island inside without the threat of scorpions or tarantulas. The foliage-inspired Soft Tropics design trend translates easily into Animal Crossing without the need for any custom patterns to take up those precious design slots. Customise the Log Bed with the white wood option and one of Sable’s leafy pattern designs, and pair with the traditional birch version of the Ironwood Dresser for a natural sleeping environment. Finish the look with the White Botanical Tile Wall, Wooden Knot Flooring and a customised Summer version of the Paper Lantern. Oh, and leaves obviously. 

Colourful kitchen

Animal Crossing: Colourful kitchen

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

And finally, it’s time to let some colour into your kitchen. Thankfully that doesn’t automatically mean you have to have a veritable rainbow of units and accessories. Instead, pick one colour of the rare Kitchen Island offering and make that pop as the main event. The Double Door Refrigerator, Concrete Walls, and metal Toaster add a minimalist apartment vibe that means you don’t need to lose any of your cool points for bringing colour into the mix. And don’t forget that Dodo Airlines mug. It guarantees a safe landing.