Real Homes rates Animal Crossing: New Horizons room designs

Laura Crombie casts a critical eye over a fresh set of player creations

Animal Crossing: animal print patterns
(Image credit: Future)

Designing the perfect room has become a full-time job in Animal Crossing: New Horizons - and we mean that literally. Thanks to the new Happy Home Paradise expansion, you've now got a job as a Paradise Planner, creating vacation homes for a variety of clients. Which means, knowing how to make a room that works is super important, and wonderfully fulfilling, especially as the clients' requests will mean designing a vast range of different rooms styles and concepts.

With that in mind, our own Real Homes presenter, Laura Crombie is taking a look at some room designs made by fans, and casts her a professional eye over proceedings. She's ready to dole out many the useful interior-design tip that my well help you create your next room. 

Ellen’s library, Louise’s leafy bedroom, and Tom’s Japanese-style attic space are all rated for their furniture selections, choice of colour, and even their use of ‘zoning.’ For the uninitiated, zoning is a vital part of room design, separating key areas with screens or more natural barriers such as plants. It's a great way to utilize the new partitions, counters, and columns available for breaking up a space in Happy Home Paradise too. 

Plus, Laura explains the importance, even in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, of finding the perfect balance between functionality and style. Sure, that bedroom looks great as it is, but where are your clothes going to go if you don’t add a wardrobe? It’s time to listen to a professional. 

Laura Crombie

Laura Crombie is a journalist and TV presenter. She has written about homes and interiors for the last 17 years and was Editor of Real Homes before taking on her current position as Content Director for Country Homes & Interiors, 25 Beautiful Homes Period Living and Style at Home. She's an experienced home renovator and is currently DIY-renovating a 1960s house in Worcestershire. She's been quoted on home design and renovating in The Times, The Guardian, The Metro and more. She's also a TV presenter for QVC and has been a commentator for Channel 4 at Crufts dog show.