3 ways to get the industrial look in your home

Industrial style is all about embracing the rough and humble. We show you three simple ways to get the look

Industrial style kitchen in an exposed brick space from Cult Furniture
(Image credit: Cult Furniture)

A celebration of rawness, this charming aesthetic of the industrial look embellishes character, function, and a total lack of pretension. Industrial style is all about embracing the rough and humble. 

The style flourished when old factories, warehouses, and mills began to close down and be turned into living spaces. Rather than cover up the well-worn look, the new homeowners honoured the historical buildings by styling their interiors around its ruggedness. Making the most of the array of different textures, colours and materials, they created a look that will always be in fashion. Though unfinished, industrial spaces are never cluttered, they tend to feel open, airy and flooded with natural light.

hairpin dining chairs and chunky wood dining table from Cult Furniture in a dining area

(Image credit: Cult Furniture)

The industrial effect is best achieved when utilising the existing structural nature of a given room or building. Make the most of what’s available, whether that’s high ceilings, concrete floors, beams, or bricks. No two industrial rooms will look the same. 

So, how can you introduce the look into your home without moving into a former warehouse, searching high and low for reclaimed metal, or tearing down your walls to expose that beautiful brickwork? Quite simply. With industrial, less is more. All you need is a few pieces to get the look, that could be a wooden worktop with metal edging, a metal pendant light with exposed wiring, or a concrete wall clock. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Here are a few simple, cost-effective ways of working a little industrial magic into your home. 

1. Hairpin table and chair legs

Developed in the wake of World War II when designs using minimal materials were in high demand, hairpin legs are a versatile option that embodies the industrial values of combining form with function. Using a small amount of steel, these legs serve as a simple, sturdy, and stylish option for tables and chairs. 

Even 70 years later, these legs are still all the rage – a wartime testament to good design standing the test of time. Hairpin pieces are the pinnacle of industrial design and their versatile designs with different colours and finishes make these an easy match for most decors.

industrial hairpin leg coffee table with wooden top

This hairpin coffee table combinex wooden textures with sleek metal

(Image credit: Cult Furniture)

2. Aviator chair

Building on the military theme is the aviator armchair. The overall design is inspired by the anatomy of a classic plane. Perfect as an accent chair for the sitting room or used as an industrial focal point.

Aviator chair used at a dressing table

This beautiful armchair (opens in new tab) contrasts a riveted metal finish with faux leather upholstery and is available in black, tan, grey, and green. The overall design of the chair is inspired by classic aviation while the flagship Moda base and seat is built upon Scandinavian elements and the legendary designs of Charles & Ray Eames

(Image credit: Cult Furniture)

3. Scaffold-style barstools

Choose a barstool with scaffold-style legs to bring a strong industrial vibe to your kitchen-diner. The metallic architecture of the legs make are reminiscent of the beams and supporting structure of an old workhouse, topping this off is a contrasting wooden seat to really finish off the industrial look. Contrasting metal and wood barstools such as these are perfect for lining up against a wooden or concrete topped bar and would be downright jaw-dropping against an exposed brick wall backdrop. 

Cult Furniture barstools with industrial legs

Expanding on the Moda range is the Cult Studio Moda Metal Bar Stool (opens in new tab). The legs are available in black, gold, or copper finishes, allowing you to keep things uniform or mix & match to form an eye-catching treat

(Image credit: Cult Furniture)

Find hundreds of industrial styles at www.cultfurniture.com (opens in new tab)

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