These are the best key safes to keep a spare set handy

5 super safe designs

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Let's get straight to it: a key lock box isn't supposed to be glamorous, it's merely supposed to provide you (or your family and friends) with access to your home when you can't. Out for brunch with the girls but your mum needs to pop by and grab something? Still at the gym but your boyfriend is waiting outside? There's no need to rush home anymore.

Saying that, it's more than worth investing in something that's safe and secure for peace of mind and for protection against potential break-ins. Whatever your budget and however many keys you have to hold, I've done the oh-so-fun job of researching the best key lock boxes for your porch, doorstep, and more. So you can find one online, order it for quick delivery, and then fit it yourself —  in less than an hour. That way, all you need to do to give your nearest and dearest access is set a secure combination is pop the keys inside and let them know the code.

Find my favourite top-rated key boxes just below. If you're working with a tiny amount of space outside and are lost for inspiration, then see our small porch ideas guide for looks you can easily replicate.

7 of the best key safes to buy in 2023

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5 things to consider when buying a key safe

When it comes to buying the best key safe to suit your requirements, there are few factors worth bearing in mind. These include:

1. Which type of key safe do you want?
We've featured a mix of push buttons and combination key safes, with some allowing you to set your own memorable number. It's worth considering which will best suit your needs.

2. How many keys can it hold?
While it may seem obvious, many people fail to consider what size key safe they actually require, until it's too late. Take time to consider how many sets of keys you intend on storing at a time, and make a choice accordingly.

3. What does it look like?
Key safes with covers are less obvious. Plus, you may wish to consider how your key safe will affect the appearance of the entrance to your home. Something big and bulky will – obviously – have more of an effect than something more slimline. Conversely, there are added security benefits in picking something a little more heavy-duty.

4. Is it easy to see?
For those with weaker eyes, a high-vis option is certainly preferable. Plus, it goes without saying that if you're likely to return home in darker light you'll want something with clear numbering.

5. Smart or simple?
In today's day and age, there's rarely a product you can't connect to a smartphone. And the key safe is no exception. Choosing a digital option that pairs with iOS or Android devices offer neat extras, like the option to drop guests a one-time code or updates every time an individual opens – or tries to open – the safe. Of course, for some, this might be a little intense and overcomplicated. For those who like to keep things basic, a heavy-duty, mechanical operation design is a more sensical choice.

Are key safes a good idea?

For those who often misplace their door keys, key safes really are a savior. Plus, if you have lots of people coming in and out of your home at different times, needing different keys, then they are a very efficient way to manage that.

Does a key safe affect house insurance?

Nowadays, many insurance providers have grown wise to the benefits of key safes, and a fair number of insurers will not void your insurance for using one. That said, because it can allow someone other than the homeowner to enter your house, it is viewed less favorably by some companies. Better safe than sorry, we would always recommend giving your provider a call to check their policy.

Real Homes review process — how we tested these key safes

We haven't had the opportunity to test out all of these key safes just yet, but we have tested the three first in this guide. Otherwise, we carefully chose the rest of these products based on a range of criteria. That includes looking at police-approved options for that extra element of safety, considering the capacity, build, and materials of each and including safes within a range of budgets, to make this roundup accessible to all. For those we have tested, we've awarded a star rating.

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