The best B&Q deals for January 2019

There's no other place to grab a bargain on all of those big DIY and gardening buys than B&Q – and we've done the legwork to find them for you

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B&Q, the one-stop shop for everything DIY, garden-related and also homeware. It's also one of best websites for amazing deals on home renovation and improvement buys. 

We've got plenty of deals on our dedicated deals page, but obviously you want to be sure you've found the best B&Q deal, right? Keep scrolling for the very best B&Q bargains for everything home-related.

From power tools to paint, kitchen appliances and even home accessories, B&Q sell just about everything you need to kit out your home. 

Current b&q deals

25% off Christmas tree lights 

Decorating your Christmas tree this weekend? Grab your lights from B&Q to save a little cash before Christmas rolls around. View Deal

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