Best energy deals: April 2020's best offers

Changing energy provider this month? These are the best energy deals from Eon to Scottish power and more

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Looking to change energy provider? These are the best energy deals to help you cut down your utility costs in 2020, without having to compromise. Whether you're looking to change to a more eco-friendly provider – think Bulb or Octopus – or you want to take advantage of cheap offers available right now – Shell Energy are offering £351 off per year at the moment, and EDF are offering a saving of £251 – we're here to help make the job easier.

It's no secret that the energy market is seriously competitive. The good news is that for us as consumers, this means that tariffs and prices change frequently. Deals, deals and more deals. Yes, please. So, if you're already with one of the big six and fancy a change to a smaller provider that's offering a cheaper price, here are our top five energy deals for March 2020, all of which offer a fixed price for your convenience.

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The best energy deals for March 2020: small households

These estimates are roughly based on a three bedroom family home. The links below will take you through to the energy supplier's website where you can type in your postcode for a definitive quote.

By average price: low to high

Eon Fix Online Exclusive v30 | 12 months fixed | Monthly: £67.89 | Annual: £838
This is the cheapest energy deal we can find on the web today. For just under £70 per month – that's £838 per year – you'll get your gas and (100 per cent renewable) electricity from a trustworthy supplier whose part of the big six. What a bargain! You'll also get a free smart meter! However, you will have to pay a cancellation fee should you want to switch provider again for some reason.View Deal

Scottish Power Super Saver April 2021 4B | Fixed until 30th April 2021 | Monthly: £70.17 | Annual: £842
Scottish Power is offering a slightly more expensive rate than Eon, however, only by £4 in total. And the electricity they supply is also 100 per cent renewable. This price will be fixed from now until April 2021, however, so it's definitely worth thinking about. A smart meter is mandatory with Scottish Power, while they do charge a cancellation fee. View Deal

Green Network Energy Snow Surprise V5 | 12 months fixed | Monthly: £70.26 | Annual: £843
As well as being an affordable, eco-friendly option, Green Network Energy are offering customers £80 bill credit when they switch to a fixed tarriff. Wow. However, despite the name, the only 100 per cent renewable thing you're getting is electricity. View Deal

Avro Energy Simple and eSuperSwift | 12 months fixed | Monthly: £70.29 | Annual: £844
Avro Energy is also a cost-effective option right now. Still only £70.29 per month – that's the same price as the above – and there's the bonus of zero cancellation fees should you not be happy with what you're getting.View Deal

GOTO Energy - In Control Green Feb 2021 V3 | 12 months fixed | Monthly: £71.75 | Annual: £861
Now this is an energy deal we can certainly get onboard with! Although the monthly price is slightly higher than others, you'll get peace of mind with it: All electricity from Goto Energy is from green, sustainable sources and its gas is carbon-offset to minimalise the impact on our environment. Brilliant.View Deal

How to get the cheapest energy deal?

There is no one cheapest energy deal out there – it all depends on where you live, what you live in and how many people live there. The quotes above are a rough average, and prices change regularly. This is due to new suppliers offering competitive rates and dramatic price changes by existing suppliers. The deal you opt into now may not be the best deal for next month and so on, but there's little that can be done about that.

To make life easier, why not use a price comparison website? Pop in all your details and the best quotes for your household will appear. Easy. These are the top-rated ones accredited by Ofgem: