Best energy deals: July 2020's cheapest energy offers in your area

Switching energy supplier? These are the best energy deals. It's the best time to switch!

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Finding the best energy deals can seem daunting, but have no fear: we're here to help. Switching your energy tariff if you've been with your current provider for a good couple of years is almost always worth it. You'll be amazed how much you can save – as much as £200 in some cases – and what perks there are. Some companies now even offer free credit when you switch. 

Doing an online energy comparison to switch suppliers, whether it's to save money or to go green, is worth doing even if you think your current supplier is ok. Energy prices are the cheapest they've been in the last three years, which means you've got a higher chance of saving even more dosh. 

Covid-19 has made budgets tighter for many of us, and saving on bills is one of the best ways to cut living costs straight away. In as little as three weeks, you could be enjoying lower payments – and better customer service. You won't need anyone to come into your home, either, as energy provider switches are all done remotely.

Energy prices vary by postcode and individual energy usage, so we have used 'dummy' houses and average energy usage for a quick comparison. Below, we've listed a range of deals for both a two bedroom flat in London, and a three bedroom house outside London so you can see roughly how the prices compare.

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The best energy deals for July 2020

Two bed in London

The deals below are based on a two bedroom flat in Greater London. The links below will take you through to the energy supplier's website where you can type in your postcode for a definitive quote. Remember: the final price you'll pay will always depend on how much energy you actually use.

By average price: low to high

GNE Spring Sunrise V4 | 12 months fixed | Monthly: £68 | Annually:  £819
Green Network Energy are one of the cheapest energy suppliers out there if you live in a small London home. This energy deal is fixed for 12 months, it costs £68 per month – that's £819 annually – and you'll receive £80 welcome credit when you switch.View Deal

Green Power (1 Year) v4 | Fixed for 12 months | Monthly: £69 | Annually: £823
Tonik energy, although it's £1 per month more expensive, offers 100 per cent renewable electricity. It's worth the extra £12 in our eyes.View Deal

Simple and mPower12M | Fixed for 12 months | Monthly: £69 | Annually: £826
The cheapest energy supplier with a £0 early exit fee, Arvo Energy offers the same price as the above but it's not 100 per cent renewable.View Deal

Deals above based on CR0 postcode.

Three bed outside of London

These estimates are roughly based on a three-bedroom family home, not in London. The links below will take you through to the energy supplier's website where you can type in your postcode for a definitive quote.

By average price: low to high

Green Network Energy Spring Sunrise V4 | 12 months fixed | Monthly: £69 | Annual: £828
As well as being an affordable, eco-friendly option, Green Network Energy are offering customers £80 bill credit when they switch to a fixed tariff. Wow. However, despite the name, the only 100 per cent renewable thing you're getting is electricity. View Deal

Avro Energy Simple and eSuperSwift | 12 months fixed | Monthly: £69 | Annual: £831
Avro Energy is also a cost-effective option right now. Still only £69 per month – that's the same price as the above – and there's the bonus of zero cancellation fees should you not be happy with what you're getting.View Deal

Scottish Power Super Saver April 2021 4B | Fixed until 30th April 2021 | Monthly: £70 | Annual: £842
Scottish Power is offering a slightly more expensive rate than the others, only by £1 per month though. And the electricity they supply is also 100 per cent renewable. This price will be fixed from now until April 2021, however, so it's definitely worth thinking about. A smart meter is mandatory with Scottish Power, while they do charge a cancellation fee. View Deal

Eon Fix Online Exclusive v30 | 12 months fixed | Monthly: £72 | Annual: £860
This is one of the cheapest energy deals we can find on the web today. For just under £72 per month – that's £860 per year – you'll get your gas and (100 per cent renewable) electricity from a trustworthy supplier whose part of the big six. What a bargain! You'll also get a free smart meter! However, you will have to pay a cancellation fee should you want to switch provider again for some reason.View Deal

Deals above based on BS3 postcode.

How to get a cheap energy deal

Using an energy comparison tool like ours is a trusty way to get the best deal for your home as there are a few variables to consider when shopping for energy, – your home's location, layout, and your usage – so comparing energy tariffs isn't always simple. For starters, having a recent bill to hand showing how much you have used and paid in previous months is very handy.

When you buy energy you may start on a fixed term tariff. When comparing deals, compare the lengths of these tariffs as they can be between 12 and 24 months meaning the guaranteed cost you pay is set for a certain length of time. A fixed term tariff will tend to work out to be the cheapest so try not to get lured in by cheap variable tariffs that could sting you in a few months if prices rise.

What does a fixed tariff mean?

A fixed energy tariff guarantees that a unit of energy will be sold to you at the same price for the duration of the fixed term (usually a year). You'll stay pay for the energy you use, but your costs per unit will not go up.

Will I have to pay to switch energy suppliers?

That depends on the terms of your current contract – some energy providers will charge you an exit fee if you want to leave mid-contract, so take those into account if you're considering switching. Plenty offer no-exit-fee contract, though, so if you're not sure you'll want to stay with the same provider for the whole year, that's something to pay attention to. Other than that standard exit fee, it won't cost you anything to switch.

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