Best bathroom tap

Adding a new bathroom tap to your sink or tub can make your bathroom feel more modern for very little money. We list our favourites for you here.

Best Bathroom tap
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A good bathroom tap can make or break the look and feel of your new bathroom so it's an important choice to make when renovating. We looked through a whole list of different styles of taps and tried our favorites. Here is a short list of the best of the bunch.

Best overall


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Hapilife Stunning Mixer Tap

A beautiful and modern look

This modern-looking mixer tap is delightful. I love the way the water cascades from the top instead of being forced out. The entire look of the tap screams contemporary and I liked it so much, I bought it for my home. The only thing to watch out for is limescale build-up on nozzle itself, but diligent cleaning will solve that issue.

Best touchless


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Gangang Basin for Bathroom Sink Sensor Tap

Keep the germs away

If you have a lot of visitors and would like to keep the transfer of germs to a minimum then this tap is perfect. It uses a solenoid and four AA batteries to turn the tap on and off and the batteries will last plenty long enough. It's easy to install and will make your bathroom seem futuristic to your guests.

Best value


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SAFETYON Bathroom Sink Taps

Cheap and cheerful is key

Sometimes the best tap you can buy is the one you can afford. For a good set of serviceable taps at an affordable price, you can't go wrong with the SafetyOn set. These are perfect if you own a small store with a few toilet sinks that need replacing or if you are looking to rent your home and need cheap, but working taps.

Best for new installs


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Funime Bathroom Basin Taps

The perfect combination

If you are renovating your bathroom you will likely need all new fixtures and fittings. This modern-looking mixer comes with a touch plate plug for your sink that gives a wonderfully minimalist look to your bathroom sink.

For more pressure


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Hapilife Bathroom Sink tap

Get a proper hand washing

While I love the new waterfall style of tap mixer, sometimes they don't feel like they are powerful enough to really get the grime off your hands. This tap has a smaller nozzle so creates a jet of water as opposed to a soft waterfall, and it washes your hands much better too.

For the bath


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XBMY Waterfall Bath Shower Taps

Modern and useful

This is one of the prettiest taps I have ever seen, and yes, I know that sounds weird. The square design of both the tap and the shower head that comes with it are extremely striking and the waterfall opening is beautiful. If you want to give your bathroom an upgrade, this is the tap for you.

Tappy tappy tap tap

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Replacement taps make any bathroom look nicer. It is a low-cost solution to improve the look and feel of your sinks and baths. I love the Hapilife Stunning Mixer Tap and have one in my bathroom. The waterfall is beautiful and it fits the modern look of my bathroom perfectly.

If you are looking for a touchless alternative, one that can keep the germs at bay, then the Gangang Sensor Tap is the best choice. It works amazingly well on just four AA batteries and will keep you and your family from cross-contaminating the tap.

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