Best bathroom scale

Keep an eye on your BMI with these excellent bathroom scales.

Best bathroom scales
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Bathroom scales may not be our favorite pieces of tech but they are very helpful when tracking your fitness. Using a scale with a fitness tracker and a healthy lifestyle can keep your fitness path on the straight and narrow. We spent some time with different scales to see which is the best for you.

Best Overall


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RENPHO Body Fat Scale

Smart and affordable

The Renpho bathroom scales are an excellent choice if you want smart features at a great price. The scale can measure up to 16 different measurements, including BMI, to give you a better idea of your overall body health.

The app connects via Bluetooth and can connect to your Apple Fitness, or Google Fit to keep track alongside your other metrics.

Best for Fitbit


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Fitbit Aria Air Smart Scale

Made for the brand you trust

Millions of people use the Fitbit band to track their steps and overall fitness so having a scale that is connected directly to that ecosystem is a bonus. The Aria air from Fitbit connects directly to your Fitbit app to automatically update any fitness goals you might have.

Best analog


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Salter Speedo Mechanical Bathroom Scales

A little bit old school

Traditional scales still have their place in the modern world. Not only do they look much better, but they also offer instant weight measurement without the need for waiting. Digital scales ask you to make sure it is turned on, and your feet are touching the sensors to get an accurate reading. Not mechanical scales though, they just work.

Best value


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Vitafit Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scales

A digital scale at a low price

The Vitafit bathroom scale doesn't offer a smart connection, it offers an accurate, responsive result every time. It does this without any fuss, and it does it for a bargain price. Sometimes the product you want is the one you can afford.

Best app


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eufy Smart Scale P1

A brand favorite

I'm a big fan of the Eufy brand and the smart devices they produce. Each product is well designed and works well within the ecosystem Eufy has created. This scale connects to all of your fitness apps, including Apple, Google, and even Fitbit to give you the most detailed fitness information possible.

A balanced choice

Bathroom scales are a standard part of every household, but they don't have to be something to dread. A good smart scale like the RENPHO Body Fat Scale can help you maintain your level of fitness and even help you lose weight if that is your goal. I find that having a graph of weight gain and loss over the months has helped me spot my trouble areas and try to maintain instead of gain.

If you want something a little more traditional then the mechanical Salter Speedo may be more your speed. It looks great and works without batteries!