Best key safe: our 8 top picks to ensure secure access to your home

This our pick of the best key safes – essential if you host Airbnb guests, have builders working on your home or have a forgetful family

Best key safe
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There's never been a better time to invest in a key safe if you want to provide secure access to your home with minimal contact. Whether you're an Airbnb host and you're ready to start welcoming guests again or you want to provide easy access to your home for baby sitters, cat sitters or forgetful teenagers, our pick of the top key safes make the process of exchanging keys safe – and easy. All you need to do is share the access code.

Our list includes those that require manual operation and one that can be controlled by a smartphone. Of the manual ones we have button and rotation combination locks, so there is plenty of choice depending on how high (or low) tech you want to go. It all depends on who will be using it.

Scroll down for our top-rated models. If you have no idea what to look for, there is a handy section at the end to tell you. Find more about the best home security systems in our expert buyer's guide, too.

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The best key safes

The best key safe: Supra C500

1. Supra C500

The best key safe

Best for: Heavy-duty
Material: Steel
Capacity: 6
Lock type: Mechanical button combination
Reasons to buy
+ Very heavy-duty design+ Police approved
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive-Bulky-Not the best looking

This is the market-leading key safe, and it’s easy to see why.

Attack-resistant design

Its box is made from an attack-resistant zinc alloy that’s guaranteed to frustrate any would-be burglars with its anti-forced entry construction. 


Not only that, it’s one of the few key safes approved by the police through the Secured by Design initiative, so it’s certified secure, a great bonus for buyers concerned about leaving their keys outside. 

Easy to use

The mechanical buttons are easy to operate and the code is easy to set, meaning you're unlikely to be left locked outside your own home. A pretty good all-rounder that's suitable for pretty much any user, we think it's the best outdoor key safe you can buy.

The best key safe: Masterlock Bluetooth Lock Box

2. Masterlock Bluetooth Lock Box

The best looking key safe

Best for: Smart
Material: Zinc
Capacity: 10
Lock type: Push digit combo
Reasons to buy
+Easy-to-use+Smart+Weather resistant+Large capacity
Reasons to avoid
-Can't really use if you don't have a smart phone

For top-notch security in the palm of your hand, this key safe is another of our top-rated models.

Control from your smartphone

Designed to work alongside an app – which you can download to your iOS or Android device – this model will inform you every time someone opens the safe, or attempts to open the safe.

Create temporary pass codes

Plus, you can share guest access from your smartphone, meaning you can give one-off guests a temporary pin without having to worry that they'll return, uninvited, at a later date.

View activity reports

Thanks to its smart capacity, this model also offers full activity report, delivered straight to your phone. This lets you know who last accessed the key safe, so you're always in the know when it comes to home security.

The best key safe: Burton Police Preferred Specification Keyguard XL Outdoor Key Safe

3. Burton Police Preferred Specification Keyguard XL Outdoor Key Safe

The best high vis key safe

Best for: Low light
Material: Steel
Capacity: 6
Lock type: 12 push-button combo
Reasons to buy
+ Two-step security+ Police approved+ Great for those with poor vision
Reasons to avoid
-Not great for those with mobility issues

Next up in our list is a key safe designed to maximise the safety of your home. And it has some impressive credentials.


With a secured by design certification – which means it's approved by the police – this model is perfect for those looking for something with credible claims.

Low light option

Designed with a high-vis keypad and dials, this model is best suited to those who anticipate coming home in the dark, or want those they let into their home to be able to find a key safe, without assistance. It's also a great option for those with a visual impairment.

Two-step security

The combination of a keypad and turn lock is perfect for those who are concerned about break-ins, and like the idea of two-step security. That said, it's worth bearing in mind that this system may not suit those with limited mobility.

The best key safe: Sentinel Push Button Key Safe Twin Pack

4. Sentinel Push Button Key Safe Twin Pack

The best key safe for capacity

Best for: Ample storage
Material: Steel
Capacity: 10
Lock type: Push digit combo
Reasons to buy
+ Large key capacity 
Reasons to avoid
-Can type in key code any way round and it'll work

Perfect for those seeking a key safe with a large capacity, this is another option worth considering if you're looking to provide safe and secure access to your home.

Large capacity

Capable of holding up to 10 Yale-type keys, this Sentinel key safe has the highest capacity of any option on our list, making it great for large households with lots of doors or cars between them. 

Robust design

That large capacity sits inside a safe that’s made weather-resistant with special paint, and it has a reassuringly robust feel to it, as well as being easy to mount. 

Worth considering

Our only complaint is that while you can set your own combination for this, the key safe will unlock no matter what order you put your chosen numbers in, so it's best that you have a long code to ensure it can't be cracked.

Best key safe: Rhino Lock Secure Key Combination Safe

5. Rhino Lock Secure Key Combination Safe

The best foolproof key safe

Best for: Weather protection
Material: Steel
Capacity: 4
Lock type: Rotation combo
Reasons to buy
+ Traditional rotation combination design 
Reasons to avoid
-No cover

A great combination key safe in terms of robustness, this model feels pretty strong.

Combination wheels

Designed with a window that drops down over the combination wheels – to keep them completely apart from the elements – this model is sure to stand the test of time. Plus, it makes a great alternative for those who don't like combination keypads.

Durable design

Thanks to its durable, weatherproof design, as well as its large interior, Rhino Lock say this Secure Key safe is ideal for housing more delicate emergency items like cash and credit cards as well as house and car keys.

Best key safe: Masterlock Wall Mount Combination Key Lock Box

6. Masterlock Wall Mount Combination Key Lock Box

The best combination key safe

Best for: Easy to fit
Material: Steel
Capacity: 5
Lock type: Rotation combination
Reasons to buy
+ Simple to set own combination 
Reasons to avoid

If you prefer a combination key lock, to those with keypads, this model is another option worth considering.

Long keypad code

If you have an inkling that wannabe intruders are scoping out your house, you might be left edgy by the prospect of a short keypad code that can easily be guessed from over your shoulder.

A combination lock box is a lot harder to get an eye on from afar, and as this one lets you set your own combination, you won’t be left red-faced and calling the locksmith because you forgot the default. 

Easy to install

Perfect for those who want a key safe, but want to avoid the hassle of installing a key-safe, reviewers suggested that this model was particularly easy to implement.

Large capacity

Perfect for those looking to store more than one set of keys, this model has an impressively large capacity, particularly give its outward appearance.

The best key safe: MASTER LOCK 5415EURD Key lock box

7. Masterlock 5415EURD Key lock box

Best disguised key safe: this subtle key safe is easily disguised if you live on a busy street

Best for: Disguised
Material: Metal
Capacity: 1+
Lock type: Rotation combination
Reasons to buy
+Protective cover+Indoor and outdoor use+Can store cards too+Mounting kit included
Reasons to avoid
-Not as advanced as others

If you live on a main road or a busy street, this key safe might be the best option for you thanks to its robust design.

Durable design

Made from metal, this durable key safe is designed to withstand attempted break-ins. Plus, it comes with a protective cover which not only protects the combination dials from the weather, but disguises it from potential burglars.

Large capacity

Perfect for those looking to store more than one set of keys, or other items, this model has a large enough capacity to fit multiple items, comfortably, and without compromising security.

Simple installation

If we're honest, no-one really wants to have to got to the hassle of installing a complex key safe, which is where this simple design and easy installation comes up trumps.

The best key safe: HOME HUT® Outdoor wall Lock mount lockable combination key storage safe

8. HOME HUT® Outdoor wall Lock mount lockable combination key storage safe

The best budget key safe

Best for: Budget
Material: Aluminium alloy
Capacity: 2
Lock type: Rotation combination
Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Window to cover the lock
Reasons to avoid

Best for those on a budget, this key safe provides impressive value for money. 

Handy four-digit combination code

Ideal for holding a spare house key or two, this outdoor wall mount allows you to lock the box with a four-digit combination code of your choosing. 

Durable design

Plus, its strong zinc alloy construction makes it tough to crack. It also has a window that comes up over the lock so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb to passers-by. 

Easy installation

Designed with pre-drilled holes, for quick installation, you won't need to worry about a long and complicated installation process.

How to buy the best key safe

When it comes to buying the best key safe to suit your requirements, there are few factors worth bearing in mind. These include:


We've featured a combination of push buttons and rotation wheels, with some allowing you to set your own memorable number. It's worth considering which will best suit your needs.


While it may seem obvious, many people fail to consider what size key safe they actually require, until it's too late. Take time to consider how many sets of keys you intend on storing at a time, and make a choice accordingly.


Key safes with covers are less obvious. Plus, you may wish to consider how your key safe will affect the appearance of the entrance to your home. Something big and bulky will – obviously – have more of an effect than something more slimline. 

Is it actually safe?

While each key box on our list is verified secure by happy reviewers, our top pick all round, the Supra C500, is one of the best selling lockable key boxes on the market, and the first one to be approved by the police as part of the Secured by Design initiative. 

Do you want to replace your lock entirely?

Even more secure than installing a key safe is switching your regular locks for smart locks. This will not only make keys entirely redundant, but allow you to control who accesses your home with even greater precision – it's possible to provide one off access codes to those looking to enter your home.

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