Find the best mortgage deal in August 2019

Looking for the best mortgage deal this August? Whether you are buying your first home, downsizing, buying to let or looking to remortgage, we can help you out with looking for the best rates

Find the best mortgage deal
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Finding the best mortgage deal and the best mortgage lender can be a challenge. With so many lenders offering so many different mortgage products, it can be difficult to sift through them all. Which is why we've done the tough legwork for you. We have teamed up with online mortgage broker Habito to help make finding the best mortgage deals even easier.

So, whether you are looking to take out your first mortgage, remortgage your current home, or just want to see if you could secure a better rate, use the online mortgage calculator form below to compare mortgages from top lenders. You can also search for buy to let mortgages if you're planning to buy a house to let out. 

Habito will engage in an online chat with you, advising you on the next stages, helping you assess affordability and give you impartial advice to ensure you get the best deal for you. Use their mortgage comparison calculator below to find the best mortgage for you. 

Please note: Habito is an online mortgage broker and whole of market lender so they will assess the best deals available and work out which works for you. We have an affiliate relation with Habito and take a small percentage of commission for referring you to them.

Why summer is the best time to find a mortgage

While you can look for mortgage deals at any time of year, the summer months may well be a better time to actually start your mortgage application. There are couple of reasons for this: firstly, most mortgage lenders will want to see that you've been in your current job for at least six months; the best months for getting a job (and when most people apply and are hired) are January and February, which means that if you've recently changed jobs, you are more likely to be in good shape for a mortgage application by the summer.

Secondly, it's a good idea to look for a mortgage deal (and apply) before that expensive late August holiday. Mortgage lenders will want to look at your spending, so it's best to present them with a more frugal picture of your finances.

Conversely, if you are remortgaging, you may actually free up some cash for a summer holiday you didn't think you could afford. 

Finding the best holiday let mortgage deal

With the summer staycation trend booming, you might be thinking about taking out a holiday let mortgage. Finding the best mortgage deal for this type of mortgage is very important, because these type of mortgage require bigger deposits and usually come with higher interest rates. They can be worth it if your holiday let makes a decent return, but you'll want to make sure you're on the best possible rate to maximise the property's potential.