Find the best mortgage deal in September 2019

Looking for the best mortgage deal this September? Whether you're a first-time buyer, remortgaging, or buying a property to let, we know how you can find the best deal

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Finding the best mortgage deal can seem daunting. How do you go about the search, and is it better to look online or speak to someone, or can you do both? What does a good mortgage deal actually consist of? We have teamed up with online mortgage broker Habito to help make finding the best mortgage deals even easier.

So, whether you are looking to take out your first mortgage, remortgage your current home, or just want to see if you could secure a better rate, use the online mortgage calculator form below to compare mortgages from top lenders. You can also search for buy to let mortgages if you're planning to buy a house to let out. 

Habito will engage in an online chat with you, advising you on the next stages, helping you assess affordability and give you impartial advice to ensure you get the best deal for you. Use their mortgage comparison calculator below to find the best mortgage for you. 

Please note: Habito is an online mortgage broker and whole of market lender so they will assess the best deals available and work out which works for you. We have an affiliate relation with Habito and take a small percentage of commission for referring you to them.

Why autumn is the best time to find a mortgage

While you can look for mortgage deals at any time of year, autumn could well be one of the better times to start and submit a mortgage application. Firstly, it's highly unlikely that you changed jobs over the summer, so you'll have been in your current job for the required minimum of six months in order to successfully get a mortgage. 

Secondly, buying a property in autumn is easier than in the summer, which the peak season for people moving home. Competition eases in autumn, and you may well be able to bag the home of your dreams at a good price. 

Finding the best holiday let mortgage deal

With the staycation trend booming, you might be thinking about taking out a holiday let mortgage. Finding the best mortgage deal for this type of mortgage is very important, because these type of mortgage require bigger deposits and usually come with higher interest rates. They can be worth it if your holiday let makes a decent return, but you'll want to make sure you're on the best possible rate to maximise the property's potential.