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LED Hub’s spotlights and bulbs are direct replacements for your existing halogen, incandescent or CFL bulbs. Simply swap them over and use them in your current fittings and lamps. By replacing halogens with LEDs you could save up to 90% on your lighting bills, this could mount up to £100s a year.

With LEDs you have lots of choices to pick from giving you varied wattage, colour, shade, shape, design, sizes and dimmable options.

Do you want to create a mood or atmosphere in your room to suit its décor or use? LEDs are ideal to achieve this. Select between warm white, day light or cool white. Each are available options on most spot lights and bulbs enabling to create a warm cosy feel to a modern clean look just by choice of light colour.

LED filament bulbs give you a fashionable vintage look but with modern LED technology. Popular Edison style bulbs use far more energy and will not last anywhere near as long as LED Hut’s LED equivalents. All the look and style, none of the disadvantages!

LED Hut stock all popular bulb fittings including GU10, MR16, MR11, G4, G9, E27, B22, E14 and B15.

If you want to take your lighting a step further then Smart Lighting is for you. LED Hut’s range of Philips Hue lighting give you complete control over the colour, shade and brightness of your light. You can also regulate how and when your lights turn on and off, even when not at home.

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