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LED Hut are the UK’s leading LED lighting retailer with an extensive range of products, including spotlights, bulbs, outdoor & garden lights, smart home, decorative and strip lighting.

Also in their collection are light fittings such as chandeliers, wall, ceiling, cabinet lights, garden with the options of traditional or contemporary models.

LEDs allow you to add modern, stylish lighting to your home whilst also saving up to 90% on your lighting bills.

When upgrading from traditional lighting such as halogen to LEDs you can shave £100s a year off your energy bills. The more bulbs you have – the bigger the savings. In the last year LED Hut have saved customers over £3,500,000 in lighting costs.

LED lighting also has further capabilities than traditional lighting allowing you to create more tailored lighting schemes in different shades, colours and with remote control. Transform a room with light in a way you’ve never dreamt of.

Whether you wish to add colour and style to a room or save money on your energy bills, LED Hut have the perfect products for you.

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