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Spring presents you with the perfect opportunity to transform your home. As the nights get lighter and the temperatures begin to rise, you can complete your home improvements in time for summer.

Your property’s exterior provides an indication of your own personal style and is also the ideal starting point towards important home improvements.

From timber to traditional brick, there are a range of materials you can choose to refresh the aesthetic of your home. If you’re looking for a visually striking facade that is unique to you and your property, cladding may be the perfect choice.

Cedral fibre cement cladding is one of the leading materials you can choose when looking to achieve an individual exterior, with its wide range of colours, matching trims and profiles, and traditional timber or contemporary smooth finishes.

Whilst its important the exterior of your home is visually striking, no one wants to be replacing the exterior facade of their home regularly due to deterioration or fading. This is why Cedral has been specifically designed with its multi-layered fibre structure to offer substantial strength that can withstand the harshest of weather conditions including wind, rain and snow.

Offering two solutions, Cedral Lap and Cedral Click, the materials offer a minimum life expectancy of 50 years, providing you with the peace of mind your new exterior is built to last.

Cedral’s ease of installation also enables insulation to be fitted behind the cladding, providing a long-term solution to improving the thermal efficiencies of your home.

Cedral is resistant to rot and attack from insects and pests, minimising the requirement for repair and can be maintained by washing with warm soapy water. Another advantage is that the chosen colour of cladding is factory applied, removing the possibility having to continually repaint.

As fibre cement cladding is available in planks of set sizes and is thinner than concrete, it provides a sleek and streamlined exterior. The materials can be installed in both horizontal and vertical formations, enabling you to create a completely unique design.

For a New England style, Cedral Lap can be installed by over-lapping the planks to provide a traditional clapboard effect, with each board concealing the fixings of the board beneath for a flawless finish.

If you’d prefer a more contemporary feel to your property, Cedral Click is the UK’s first and only fibre cement flush fitting tongue and groove weatherboard material, offering a sleek and flat exterior for a streamlined finish. Both smooth or timber effect cladding designs can be chosen, enabling you to choose the ideal finish for your home.

Cedral Lap and Cedral Click fibre cement cladding materials offer homeowners the perfect solution for completing exterior renovation projects with ease. Available in 21 factory-applied colours and two woodstain finishes, homeowners have the flexibility to select the style suited to their property. For

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