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If you’re looking to renovate the exterior of your property this year, a key consideration is the final look you want to achieve and how this can be created through the use of colour. Colours have the power to inject life and personality into your property, transforming regular houses into unique and visually stunning homes.

Fibre cement cladding is one solution you should consider when transforming your exterior. Not only can cladding help you to create a home completely original to you, but it is also guaranteed to bring a splash of colour to your property. Cedral can also protect the underlying structure of your property and offer you the ability to improve current insulation and its thermal efficiencies.

Cedral has been specifically designed with its multi-layered fibre cement structure, offering substantial strength that can withstand the harshest of weather conditions, such as sunlight, wind and rain. The material offers a minimum life expectancy of at least 50 years.

Cedral Lap and Cedral Click fibre cement cladding offers four colour palettes to choose from: mineral, forest, earth and ocean, which have been designed to help create a standout property.

The mineral range contains colours with a stone feel. Distinctive and inspiring, the mineral range can be chosen in six core colours, including Black, Pearl Grey and Silver Grey.

The Forest range includes a pleasant array of warm neutral shades including Sand Yellow and Sage Green; guaranteed to bring a distinct and contemporary aesthetic. The Earth range is darker and richer in colour, echoing the natural feel of raw materials, ranging from Grey Brown to Burnt Red.

Finally the ocean range consists of cool hues from Blue Grey to Violet Blue. All of the colours within the four palettes offer subtle yet striking finishing touches to your property.

As your project provides you with complete autonomy with the look you want to achieve, by specifying key solutions and materials you can make this a reality.

Cedral Lap and Cedral Click fibre cement cladding materials offer homeowners the ideal solution for completing self-build or renovation projects with ease. For further details about Cedral and to request your free sample visit: