Best stovetop tea kettle

Make your morning cuppa with ease in one of the best stovetop tea kettles around.

Best stovetop tea kettle
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A stovetop tea kettle boils your water quickly and safely. You can set it down and go about your day until it whistles and it's ready to pour. With a kettle, you'll always have a warm cup of tea without standing at the stove while it brews. Here are our favorites.

Staff pick

best tea kettle stovetop

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Mr. Coffee Carterton stainless steel whistling tea kettle (opens in new tab)

Sleek and tough

This whistling stovetop tea kettle is made from aesthetically pleasing and sturdy stainless steel. 


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Whistles when hot
  • Compatible with most types of stovetops
  • Flip-up easy-pour spout


  • Not dishwasher-friendly
  • Handle can get quite warm

This stovetop tea kettle is made from strong, shiny stainless steel that'll be a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Its sleek metal body pairs nicely with the classic black accents, really making this kettle a sight to see. To use this kettle, simply fill it with water, place it on the stovetop, and it'll get to work with a little heat. You don't need to watch it because there's a whistle to alert you when your water is perfectly boiled. And its flip-up easy-pour spout makes it super convenient to fill your mug. 

Best ergonomic

best tea kettle stovetop

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Venoly 2.5-liter whistling tea kettle (opens in new tab)

Has an ergonomic heat-proof handle

This helpful stovetop tea kettle looks great, is easy to handle, and can boil up to 10.5 cups of water.


  • Made from culinary-grade stainless steel
  • Rust, dent, and scratch-resistant
  • Great for stovetops and camping
  • Makes up to 10.5 cups
  • Ergonomic handle


  • May feel a little tin-like
  • Whistle is pretty high-pitched

This kettle is exactly what every tea-drinker needs. It is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, made from culinary-grade stainless steel with a colorful finish. Best of all, it has a generous capacity, holding 10.5 cups at a time to accommodate large groups or gatherings. This kettle is compatible with all stovetops, including gas, coil, and more. It can even be used while camping! And its ergonomic handle sweetens the deal, allowing for comfortable and safe handling.

Best colors

best tea kettle stovetop

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ROCKURWOK whistling tea kettle (opens in new tab)

Adorable and fun

This tea kettle for the stovetop comes in beautiful bold colors and has a solid wood handle.


  • Solid wood handle
  • Makes a couple of cups of tea
  • Whistles when water is boiled
  • Multiple colors available


  • Whistle may not work if kettle is too full
  • Pretty small

This tea kettle brings personality to your stovetop. It comes in several vibrant colors that will fit any décor style. Wooden accents like the handles and spout cap offer a warm and natural touch that makes this model really stand out. And the wood will stay cool, so handling the kettle is easy and safe. This kettle will whistle loudly when the water is good and hot. The sound can be heard throughout your home, ensuring your kettle doesn't overheat. With this boiler, you can brew a couple of cups of tea, making it perfect for parties of two or three.

Best design

Toptier cast iron teapot

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Toptier cast iron teapot (opens in new tab)

This one makes a statement

This stunning cast iron stovetop tea kettle has a geometric design and a fun color variety.


  • Makes 3 to 4 cups
  • Made from cast iron
  • Geometric design
  • Steeps loose tea
  • Stays hot for longer
  • Compatible with most stovetops


  • May rust if not dried properly
  • Color may chip with use

This stovetop tea kettle has a spectacular geometric design. The kettle's angled shape and lively color variety will make it a focal point in your kitchen. It is made from cast iron, so it'll keep your tea hot for longer. Plus, it's compatible with all types of stove surfaces. And you can steep loose tea inside this kettle as the water boils for a delicious herbal infusion.

Best vintage

best tea kettle stovetop

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Chefbar tea kettle with thermometer (opens in new tab)

Stunning goosneck style

This retro-looking tea kettle looks like it came straight from the 60s. 


  • Skinny gooseneck spout
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Makes up to 4 cups
  • Made from food-grade stainless steel
  • Handle has an ergonomic non-slip design


  • Not super durable
  • May rust if not dried properly

This vintage-inspired stovetop tea kettle has a stylish shape, with a curving gooseneck spout that harkens back to the 60s. Aside from its good looks, this kettle boils water like a champ. To help with temperature, this model has an integrated thermometer, and the comfy non-slip handle makes it super convenient and easy to pour up to four cups of water per boil. 

The bottom line

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The best stovetop tea kettle makes it super easy to brew the perfect cup of tea. The Mr. Coffee Carterton stainless steel whistling tea kettle (opens in new tab) is compatible with almost all stovetops, allowing you to safely boil water on gas, coil, or flat stoves. This kettle's shiny metallic design matches any kitchen, with or without stainless steel appliances.

If you're looking for an artsy tea kettle, the Toptier cast iron teapot (opens in new tab) has got you covered. This tea kettle features a stunning geometric pattern and beautiful color offerings. Not only is it stunning, but it is also made from durable cast iron. This makes it heavy-duty and rust-resistant.

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