3 reasons you should still be using a landline phone

Landline phones are much more useful than you may think – here's why it's still a good idea to have one

A man using a BT landline telephone
(Image credit: BT)

Are landline phones a relic of the past, or do they still have a place in today’s homes? The answer is overwhelmingly ‘yes’ if you take into account the many features modern landline phones now have that will give your mobile phone a run for its money. Besides, in the age of increased homeworking, a landline connection can provide an invaluable backup connection source for those days when your Internet connection doesn’t want to play ball. We explore the reasons why you should still have a landline phone in 2021 with the help of BT

1. Modern landline phones have a tonne of helpful features 

Man speaking over a BT landline phone

(Image credit: BT)

Landline phones have come a long way from when they had just a set of buttons and an answering machine. These days, a phone such as the BT Premium Phone can store 3,000 phone numbers and remember the last 30 callers for an easy redial. It can also sync to your mobile phone and receive mobile calls for you, which is especially useful if you have coverage deadspots in your house. 

2. They can block nuisance callers

Woman on sofa talking on a BT landline phone

(Image credit: BT)

Nuisance calls, or cold calls as some people refer to them, are annoying and distracting, but a modern landline phone like the BT4600 can block up to 1,000 numbers. All you have to do is block a number you don’t recognise or don’t want to answer once by pressing a button; the phone will then remember the caller and block them automatically, so you won’t even be aware that they tried your number. 

Don’t want to receive calls from anyone at all on a particular day? Some models even have a ‘Do Not Disturb’ button that will mute calls so you can enjoy peace and quiet.

3. A landline is a lifesaver for homeworkers

Working from home can present a unique set of challenges, many of them to do with a patchy Internet connection. Some people moved during the pandemic only to discover that their wi-fi coverage in their new home or area isn’t that great – which is why the landline really comes into its own. Bad Internet day? Your Zoom calls don’t need to freeze on you anymore – just get an Ethernet cable. It will allow you to connect your computer or another device directly to your router, ensuring a stable Internet connection. 

You can explore the full range of BT phones and their helpful features in the online BT phone store.

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