4 ways LG's Energy Efficient appliances can make your home more eco-friendly

As new energy labels are released, here's how to make your home more eco-friendly with LG’s Energy Efficient appliances

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Wondering how you can make your home more environmentally conscious? Sometimes it can be hard to know how, but switching out your refrigerator or washing machine could be a great place to start. Upgrading to eco-friendly appliances is great for both your energy bills, and the planet. 

As everything from fridges to washing machines becomes more energy-efficient, the EU has rolled out a new range of energy labels to make decisions even easier. We’ve partnered with John Lewis & Partners to help you understand the revised energy efficiency classes for household appliances, and suggest two top options for making your kitchen and laundry room more energy-efficient. 

What you need to know about the new energy labels 


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One of the easiest ways to cut your household emissions is to switch out your old appliances for a newer, smarter model. But which new appliance to choose? A new range of energy labels are here to help with that. 

The EU has done away with its old A+, A++ and A+++ labels and reverted to a classic A-G scale. This rewards those companies who continue to innovate with new environmentally friendly technology, helping you to cut energy costs and emissions in the process.  

The new labels are designed to make purchasing eco-friendly products easier than ever. They now come with a QR code to offer more information, and the kWh/annum is displayed directly below the chart itself. 

For refrigerators and freezers, the new labels will also show an icon for chilled and frozen compartments, and noise levels are also indicated. 

When it comes to washing machines, energy consumption is marked in kWh for  every 100 washes. There are also icons for capacity, duration of the shortest washes available and noise emission markers. 

1. Top class energy efficiency

The LG GBB92MCBAP fridge freezer offers unparalleled energy efficiency. Under the new energy classification, ‘A’ rated models will be the most energy-efficient products on the market. If you’re in the market for a new fridge freezer, the current list of ‘A’ certified products is very short. In fact, it’s just one product! The LG GBB92MCBAP Fridge Freezer is top of the class, with an energy saving of 59.1%. 

What does this mean? Due to a linear compressor, you can expect to save 59.1% of the energy an E-classified fridge freezer would use. 


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Another standout from LG's energy efficient range is the LG FH4G1BCS2 washing machine. It scores a triple A, scoring the top grade for energy efficiency, spinning performance, and noise level.

2. Eco-conscious settings

The LG GBB92MCBAP fridge freezer has a range of attractive features that set it apart. The NatureFRESH mode serves its own eco-friendly function by detecting and amending fluctuations in temperature. LINEARCooling™ will keep fruits and veggies fresher for longer, maintaining maximum flavour and a crisp texture.

There's also an EcoFriendly setting that saves energy while you're away by keeping energy expenditure low while still maintaining the internal temperature.


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The LG FH4G1BCS2 washing machine featuresTurboWash™ - another eco-friendly setting that powers through loads of laundry in just 49 minutes for a a 6kg load size. This works by using jets to soak clothes directly and reducing water and energy use by up to 17% in a single wash. That's a win for those in a rush, and those who want to cut back on water and energy wastage. 

3. Smart functions

The LG GBB92MCBAP's DoorCooling™ design will stabilize the internal temperature of your fridge freezer up to 32% more than conventional systems. 

Express Freeze boosts your freezer temperature in advance of unloading the shopping, meaning your frozen veggies, ice cream or meats are less likely to melt before being re-frozen, and preventing freeze-thaw. 


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When it comes to the LG FH4G1BCS2 washing machine, it not only has the backing of a Which? Best Buy award: "Best Washing Machine Ever Tested", but some attractive smart modes to make laundry cycles smarter and more hygienic.

TrueSteam™ uses the power of steam to remove 99.9% of allergens and also acts to sterilize clothes and sheets from bacteria for a fresher finish. It wins a British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval, making it a top choice for allergy sufferers. 

Even if you just want a baby-soft texture for your clothes and fabrics, there's a 20 minute Steam Refresh mode and a Steam Softener setting to help those with sensitive skin, relying purely on steam to clean and soften laundry. 

3. Innovative design


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Smart components amount to smart products. LG's innovative designs have contributed to their eco-friendly credentials. The LG FH4G1BCS2 boasts a 6 Motion Inverter Direct Drive hat adapts to different cycles and load types by moving in a variety of ways. It's also covered by an impressive 10-year warranty. 

The LG GBB92MCBAP fridge freezer also features an impressive 20-year warranty on its Centum System™ Inverter Linear Compressor. Designed to cut down on friction, it helps your machine to run smoother and cuts back on friction.

Shop the full range of LG appliances at John Lewis & Partners today. 

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