3 ways smart appliances can simplify your daily life

Make daily tasks easier by considering these three key areas where smart appliances can make a dramatic difference

Smart kitchen appliances
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Smart home technology is changing the way we use our living spaces; from smart lighting to digital assistants, smart home gadgets are making our daily life more streamlined than ever. But did you know that you can simplify your day by investing in smart appliances? If you're only just starting out on your smart appliance journey, smart appliance experts from Candy UK recommend exploring the following products first.

1. A smart washing machine

Smart washing machine

(Image credit: Candy UK)

If you only get one smart device, let it be a smart washing machine. First of all, smart washing machines tend to be more efficient: the 'A' Class energy rated Rapid’Ó washing machine from Candy makes it one of the most energy-efficient models on the market. Smart washing machines also feature more advanced motors and cleaning technologies – washing your clothes much quicker than ordinary machines that often use long programmes. For instance, the Rapid’Ó machine has an impressive nine speed cycles that take less than an hour to run, with the quickest cycle taking just 14 minutes. With a smart washing machine, you no longer need to worry about not having a full load – you can just wash the item you need on a super-quick cycle with minimum energy and water consumption.

The other great thing about smart washing machines is, of course, their connectivity features – the apps that enhance your laundry. You know that feeling when you're just not sure what cycle is best for the precise garments you need to wash? Well, the Snap&Wash function on Candy's Simply-Fi app allows you to find out the best cycle for your laundry by just using your smartphone! Simply take a picture of the pile of garments and the app will let you know which is the right program.

2. A smart oven

Smart oven, Candy UK

(Image credit: Candy UK)

A Candy smart oven can simplify your cooking routine in a number of ways, and it can also give you peace of mind if you tend to worry about burning your food. The smart ovens from Candy feature wi-fi connectivity, so you can monitor your cooking even when you're not with your appliance, giving you more time to enjoy with the family. 

But by far the biggest advantage of smart ovens is that they're multi-functional, allowing you to use them whichever way you find most convenient. You can use a smart oven in a traditional way, but many can also replace a pizza oven or barbecue grill, reducing the number of appliances you need. The Simply-Fi app will also let you access more than 200 recipes to help inspire your next meal, plus you can get step-by-step guides too to make even the most nervous cooks prepare chef-quality meals. 

3. A smart app

Whether it's a washing machine, an oven, or any other appliance, it will need a good, intuitive app in order for the appliance to qualify as 'smart'. The main point of an app is to simplify and streamline the way you use your appliance – and to take the stress out of those inevitable moments when you've forgotten something. The Candy Simply-Fi App makes things even easier by acting as a hub for all your connected appliances. It has a very simple, easy-to-navigate interface that allows you to do what you need to do quickly. For example, you can preheat your oven before getting home to cut down on meal prep time, or switch on the washing machine while you're out so that the washing is ready when you get back. 

With any appliance, 'smart' should apply both to connectivity features and to the design. A well-designed appliance that's comfortable to operate and to control remotely is the holy grail, because it will save you money and time while making daily tasks more pleasurable.

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