Top 5 ways a Ring Video Doorbell can make your daily life better

A video doorbell can transform how you communicate with friends and family – here's how

Ring video doorbell
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If you’re thinking about whether to get a Ring Video Doorbell, you’re probably wondering, ‘but what are video doorbells really for’? What are the ways a video doorbell can make your everyday life better, and is it worth you getting one?

The answer is a resounding ‘yes’ from us – and they’re great at more than just deterring burglars. While a Ring Video Doorbell is an excellent way to enhance your home security – in fact, the latest Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus has won an award for that – there’s so much more to this clever device that can make your daily routine smoother and less hectic, as well as providing lots of amusement if you enjoy watching your pets’ shenanigans when they’re outside. Read on to discover the top five ways a Ring Video Doorbell will make your life easier and better.

1. Ring Video Doorbells are great for communicating with delivery people

This is one of the best things about Ring – it lets you have a conversation with people at your door even when you’re out. This is so useful for deliveries, especially when your delivery slot falls on your lunch hour and you’re not around to answer the door. Also, if you’re in a meeting and can’t sign for a delivery, you can quickly ask the delivery person to leave your parcel on the front porch instead, using the Two-Way Talk feature.

2. They’re an easy way to communicate with a family member out in the garden

Making lunch while your kids are playing in the garden? A video doorbell lets you keep an eye on them without having to stop what you’re doing. And when you’re done, you can easily summon them to the dinner table. 

3. Video doorbells are great for handling unexpected visits.

Whether it’s a friend who decided to pop by or a neighbour returning something, video doorbells are great for when people turn up unexpectedly (yes, it does still happen, even in the age of mobile phones). The visitor can then either leave a message or talk to you directly – it’s always good to have more flexibility in how you can speak to family and friends. 

4. They can save the day when your schedule’s gone awry

If you’re doing the school run and get stuck in a traffic jam, you don’t need to worry about the maths tutor/yoga instructor who has already arrived at the door: you can just let them know you’ll be there in a few minutes. 

5. Video Doorbells are an excellent way to see what your pet is doing in the garden

This is probably our favourite – and most amusing – way to use Ring: to find out just what it is your naughty cat gets up to in the front garden. Equally, if you keep finding that some hungry animal keeps nibbling at your raspberry bushes, you can find the culprit. And even if you’re not bothered by wildlife coming into your garden and just want the opportunity to watch, Ring will give you plenty of opportunities to get a glimpse of animals that normally avoid humans.

See, hear and speak to whoever is at your door, from wherever you are with a Ring Video Doorbell.

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