Can you wash clothes AND remove stains at 20°C?

...yes you can with the right washing machine. Find out how the latest technology from Hotpoint can get rid of over 100 stains too!

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Put your hands up if you are a serial clothes shrinker, or have had your favourite delicates ruined by a wash that was a bit too warm. Most of us have been there at one time or another, and even if you are among the lucky few who has never shrunk your best pair of jeans or melted the logo off a T-shirt, being able to always wash at a cooler temperature is not just much kinder to your clothes. It’s cheaper and better for the planet too.

In fact, washing at 20°C will dramatically decrease the amount of electricity your machine uses, thus cutting your utility bills. So, not only is this kind to your wallet, but if you are saving electricity you are saving the planet too. And, it means you don’t have to handwash instead – because who has time for that?!

Hang on though – the germaphobes out there might be wondering if you can really get your clothes clean at 20°C. Not just visibly clean, but free from pesky stains and germs. The answer is that yes you can with the ActiveCare range of washing machines from Hotpoint, no matter how mucky your kids seem to get.

There are a few ways Hotpoint’s ActiveCare technology kills germs, removes over 100 stains and keeps your clothes fresh and clean. We explain how these work below (peace of mind all round), but also tell you how you can get £50 cashback on the Hotpoint ActiveCare range, free delivery and more from for a limited time.

Three ways the ActiveCare range removes stains and cares for your clothes:

1. Active Mousse: bye bye to the need to pre-treat stains

Hotpoint’s Active Mousse technology mixes the water and detergent before dispensing into the drum, creating a mouse that penetrates the material your clothes are made from and gently removes stains. This offers up to +60% in cleaning power at the cool and efficient temperature of 20°C. No more pre-treating stains!

2. Active Drum: rotations designed to bust every type of stain

Hotpoint’s clever ActiveCare range features a durable brushless motor that creates 10 different drum movements in each cycle. Each movement has been designed to remove various types of stains that would usually require harmful soaking, scrubbing or washing. So, be safe in the knowledge you can remove everything from black coffee to red lipstick without ruining your clothes.

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3. Active Load: let your machine optimise the wash automatically

Active Load not only weighs your laundry but also monitors how much water is absorbed during the cycle, to optimise the water and energy delivered to the machine. No wasted water or energy so you can wash with the confidence that your bills and carbon footprint are being cared for.

Boost your wash with the Steam Pack and Stop&Add

Some models in the ActiveCare range also come with added features to give you even more control over your wash. The Stop&Add feature means you can throw missed items in, even once the cycle has started, cutting the need to do a follow-up wash for missed items.

Or, perhaps you will be won over by the Steam Pack? Steam Refresh is a 20-minute cycle that uses just two glasses of water to steam fabric, reducing creases. That means less time ironing and more time for family life. There is also the Steam Hygiene option which injects a gentle steam into the drum at the end of the cycle, killing up to 99.99% of the most common bacteria and allergens. Use it on bedding and towels and know that germs are history.

Just in case you need even more reasons to wash at 20°C... is offering £50 cashback if you buy Hotpoint’s ActiveCare range. This includes free next day delivery and a free Billie The Bear teddy bear. So save money, save water and save energy with an ActiveCare washing machine on AO are rated 5 stars on Trust Pilot from nearly 130,000 reviews so get your clothes cleaner than clean with a machine from a place you can trust.