3 reasons to invest in a Hotpoint heat pump tumble dryer

A Hotpoint heat pump tumble dryer can make a big difference to the way you dry your laundry; find out how, with AO’s help.

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Tumble dryers make drying large loads of laundry a breeze. There’s no need to have a drying rack that takes up space or wait days for bedding and towels to completely dry before putting them away. Clothes can take an especially long time to dry during the winter months, so an efficient tumble dryer is essential if you want to wear your freshly laundered clothes the day after you’ve washed them. If your tumble dryer is on its last legs and you are considering a replacement, a heat pump tumble dryer from AO is well worth the investment. Here’s why.

1. It's gentle on your clothes and fibres

Traditionally, using a vented or condenser tumble dryer could sometimes result in your favourite jumpers coming out half the size. Your typical vented tumble dryer gets as hot as 75°C, which can result in shrinkage. Heat pump tumble dryers allow moisture to be removed from your clothes and recycled through the machine, all while using lower temperatures. Hotpoint’s ActiveCare heat pump dryer uses Perfect Temperature Control to precisely monitor and maintain a constant low temperature in the drum, protecting your clothes so they last longer. There’s also the Anti-Stress Drum Movements that minimise fibre abrasion. Together, the ActiveCare technology can reduce fabric wear out by 40%*.

*Up to 40% based on jeans program without ActiveCare

A tumble dryer in pink room

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2. It will save you money on bills

This gentler, cooler drying technology is good news for your wallet, too. Hotpoint’s ActiveCare heat pump dryers can save you up to 45 percent in energy consumption. This translates into impressive savings on your bill. Tumble dryers are one of the more expensive appliances in your home to run, with an average tumble dryer cycle costing 67p. If you have a lot of laundry, this can quickly add up, particularly over the winter months. Drying your clothes at half the cost really makes sense in the long run, despite the initial investment in a new dryer.

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3. It’s better for the environment

If you are trying to reduce the environmental impact of your home life, choosing a heat pump model over a vented or condenser is definitely the smart choice. A Hotpoint ActiveCare heat pump tumble dryer uses just 175 kiloWatts of energy per year, compared with over 500 kiloWatts for a vented tumble dryer. Needless to say, the carbon footprint of a heat pump dryer will be much smaller thanks to this huge reduction in energy consumption.

If you’re wondering where to get your Hotpoint heat pump tumble dryer, you should consider AO.com – they have a price match guarantee, deliver quickly, including next day delivery seven days a week, and they also have consistently great reviews on Trustpilot.

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