3 ways to step up your vacuuming routine – indoors and out

Whether it’s clumps of mud from the dog’s paws, the crumbs of your latest DIY project, or spilled tea (or wine) making your home look and feel more unkept than you’d like, a Wet and Dry vacuum from Kärcher can take care of them all.

Cleaning up around the house and outside can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, one minute you have your floor and patio looking pristine, only for them to be besieged by muddy boots or pets once again. It sometimes feels like you’re destined to spend hours each day cleaning up…

But what if we told you that there is a quick solution to make short work of all those messy jobs?

Enter: Kärcher Wet and Dry vacuum cleaners.

Kärcher's range of Wet and Dry vacuum cleaners are designed to switch seamlessly between wet and dry pickup. Sucking up anything from blocked sinks to DIY rubble in their path, no location is too tough for these wet and dry vacuum cleaners. It’s time to step up your vacuuming routine:

1. Seamlessly tackle wet and dry mess

Whether you’re tackling the kitchen, garage floor or garden path, having a powerful wet and dry vacuum that will pick up both wet and dry debris in one swift go, will make staying on top of chores, a whole lot easier.

Take the dread out of deep cleaning with a versatile vacuum like the Kärcher WD – that can seamlessly switch between wet and dry debris thanks to the tough, intelligent filter system.

Unlike a standard vacuum cleaner, the Kärcher WD 4 has been designed for a range of situations. Powered by a 1000w motor, that works alongside a robust 20-litre container, it’s designed to safely pull up all manner of messes and large volumes of liquid so that even the most chaotic of households – think juice box spills or DIY remnants – will be able to keep dirt at bay.

2. Keep harmony throughout the home

A freshly converted loft bedroom, ripe for guest stays, doesn’t deserve a mess, and parents shouldn’t have to dread kids running through the front door with muddy boots post-football, or arts and crafts in the kitchen getting a little out of control.

Consider the Kärcher Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner to start embracing all of life’s lovely moments, no matter how messy they may be! With a range of brilliant clip-on attachments to enhance the Kärcher WD 4 models furthermore, you can rest assured that any dry or wet mess will be removed in an instant.

3. Store it away in style

For such a powerful vacuum, you’d assume it might be enormous in size or heavy to lift. Thankfully, the Kärcher WD 4 is compact in size meaning that it is a breeze to move around and in or out of the house, making for easier storage too. Despite the 2.2m suction hose and 5 metre long cable, which both add to its efficiency, it’s discreet and perfect – even for smaller homes.

Find out more about the Kärcher WD 4 and the whole WD range available to buy direct from Kärcher or from DIY retailers nationwide.

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