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When it comes to Hotpoint ActiveCare appliances, it's coming home with the help of

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With the World Cup on our screens in November, and Eurovision on home turf next year, we'll be hosting friends and family for the long run. And, while hosting is a relatively enjoyable experience, having a washing machine making a racket over your football chants can be embarrassing!

Of course, with the cost of living crisis, investing in white goods can be a bit of a tall ask financially. So if your goal is to seek out a new machine, consider trading in your old appliance for a Hotpoint hero this October. An A-rated washer will not only save you money on energy and water in the long run, but you'll also help do your part for the environment too.

Christmas is less than 10 weeks away, and with football shirts and seasonal outfits on standby, you'll need a reliable and winning washer if you're going to survive the festive and footie period.

Until 31st October, you can sub off a substandard machine for an energy-efficient replacement. As part of AO's trade-in transfer window, they'll do the hard graft of picking up your old appliance for free and take it away to their recycling centre when they drop off your new one.

Yes, even if your machine is faulty, you'll be pleased to know that it still qualifies. Even if it's stopped working completely, you can still go for goal and have your goods in time for when you'll need them most. So whatever the football tournament has in store, you can guarantee it's coming home when it comes to sourcing the best new washing machine for your home.

Why choose a Hotpoint ActiveCare washing machine?

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Let's face it, beer, ketchup, and pizza and red wine are all magnets to clothing whether you're cheering on the Three Lions, hosting a Halloween party or snuggling down for an early Christmas movie. Thankfully, Hotpoint's ActiveCare range is developed to protect your laundry by removing more than 100* of the most stubborn stains, even at temperatures as low as 20 degrees. 

Christmas can also be a time when we don our glad rags, so sequins, silk, and sparkle are all on the cards. Instead of spending money on unnecessarily dry cleaning (and finding the time to pick it up), choose a Hotpoint machine with a dedicated Delicate Wash programme for gentle cleaning. Selected models also have steam options, which will not only cut out creasing and can alleviate the need for an iron altogether but also get rid of bacteria, refresh and soften your clothes.

Prefer to be cosy and chic? That light-coloured cashmere jumper or scarf you often pair with a boots and leather skirt can be laundered using the wool programme which washes on cooler temperatures with a lighter drum motion. It'll also do a good job on those novelty jumpers so you can pull out those sassy slogan knits and questionable cardigans we forcibly wear for Crimbo cheer.

And, who can resist a crisp walk after festive food? While we're full to the brim with Turkey and the good intent for the year ahead, dogs and children can't resist zoomies or a muddy puddle. Thankfully, Hotpoint's washing machines not only remove stubborn stains, but they can remove them quickly, reducing the wash time by activating ActiveCare or the Rapid wash options.

If you're staying in-in, no one wants their washing machine to cramp the Christmas playlist or drown out a seasonal special on the telly, By opting for a Hotpoint washing machine, you can set and forget, whilst it works quietly in the background.

What's more, ActiveCare technology increases the cleaning power by +60% by pre-mixing the water and detergent to create a mousse that can remove even stubborn stains at temperatures as low as 20°C!**

Here are our Hotpoint heroes

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If you've got a large squad, look no further than the Hotpoint NM111046WDAUKN 10Kg Washing Machine. This washer can clean clothes in as little as 30 minutes and has an Anti-allergy programme that removes all traces of dust, pollen, and pet fur. At 76 dB, it's as quiet as a mouse... while it works on getting your clothes squeaky clean.

The Rapid and Green button allows you to make a conscious decision on whether you want to speed up the cycle or save on energy. This special option lets you customise the washing cycle according to your needs. With a simple touch, you can either speed up the cycle by up to 50% or save up to 20% on energy***.

Need to dry clothes quickly? Then you'll need the Hotpoint ActiveCare NTM1182XBUK 8Kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer on your team. Despite the bad rap that some dryers get, this A++ rated appliance uses heat pump technology to dry shirts, shorts, and all sorts, recycling warm air and removing moisture in the process. It truly is a game-changer when it comes to having laundry ready to go. Plus, You could save up to £388**** per year in energy costs with this heat pump tumble dryer.

The ActiveCare range keeps your clothes looking their best for longer, by carefully drying your clothes using heat pump technology. This energy-efficient drying solution minimises stress on fibres, reducing fabric wear out by up to 40%***** so that you can wear your favourite clothes time and time again.

Read more about Hotpoint ActiveCare at here

Get the ball rolling with a Hotpoint ActiveCare appliance

  1. Scout a Hotpoint ActiveCare product that you like.
  2. AO will collect your old appliance when we drop off the new one. Just make sure it’s empty, unplugged, and disconnected from the electricity and water supply.

The small print

  • *Obtained on Anti-stain program 20°C (tested on Cotton) and ActiveCare option activated and tested by external institute SSOG (Italy) on more than 100 types of stains.
  • **Compared to Hotpoint washers without ActiveCare
  • ***The percentage saved on time or energy will vary according to the load and program selected.
  • ****Saving calculated by Youreko and are based on the energy usage of this model compared to the least efficient 8kg model in the market, operating on the standard cotton cupboard dry program as published on product fiche or energy label, completing 260 cycles per year (5 per week) over 13 years, with an average current energy cost of 34p per kWh and an average annual increase in electricity costs of 4.92% per year. Further details on calculations can be found at calculated 01/10/2022 and may vary depending on other factors such as usage, energy cost fluctuations, cycle type etc..
  • *****Up to 40% based on jeans program without ActiveCare.

Why choose

We're all trying to shop around to save money, but it's not only price that's important. Buying from means that you can benefit from flexible delivery (7 days a week on a day that suits you), hassle-free installation, and a price match promise, ensuring they'll beat all other retailers – even when they've got a sale on!

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