Hotpoint GentlePower washing machine: making laundry day kinder for you and the planet

Looking for a washing machine that's got eco cred and can eliminate allergens? Hotpoint's GentlePower Range does more than just remove stains.

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Whether the kids are back to school, or you're preparing to go back to the office, the outside world can be a minefield when it comes to spills and stains. From that morning coffee that's almost a magnet to white shirts, and colourful grass stains that get deep into P.E kits, you'll want to be armed with the right washing machine to tackle all sorts of troublesome marks.

White goods and appliances often get a bad rap for water wastage and energy inefficiency. We're also getting more eco-savvy with our electronic devices. But with modern living just not suited to hand-washing a family load of clothes, one brand has taken it into their own hands to create a more sustainable solution.

To help keep your clothes looking their best, we’ve teamed up with to share seven ways that this Hotpoint GentlePower will get tough on stains, the eco-friendly way.

Hotpoint's GentlePower washing machine technology carefully sprays water onto your laundry like a waterfall, providing a thorough wash, whilst optimizing water and energy use by 65% and 59%*. 

*Tested on ECO 40-60 cycle with and without GentlePower and Load Detect.

Why should you buy a Hotpoint GentlePower washing machine? 

1. It's the perfect size for busy families

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The Hotpoint GentlePower washing machine has a medium 9kg drum which means you can save time by washing larger loads throughout the week to keep up with your busy household.

So whether your son's had football training, you've had a sweaty gym session, or you want to get a suitcase full of holiday clothes clean sharpish, get separating those darks, lights, colours and brights for easy cleaning. The control panel lock will even stop little fingers interrupting laundry time too!

2. Sensitive skin? Pop on the anti-allergy spin setting

Eczema, contact dermatitis and acne are all common skin conditions that can be worsened if you don't wash your clothes effectively.

If anyone in your household suffers from allergies or sensitive skin, the anti-allergy option will help. It removes 99.9% of allergens including dust mites, pollen and even leftover detergent. Plus - it's also also approved by Allergy UK to care for sensitive skin.

Using higher wash temperatures and extra rinses, it's perfect for cleaning durable fabrics like bedding, so you won't have to worry about irritation while your family is snuggled up in bed or popping on a brand-new garment, ready to face whatever the day brings them.

3. An AutoDose technology reduces detergent wastage

There's nothing like the smell of fresh washing: whether you're hanging it on a clothes horse, on a radiator or outside when the weather permits. But, as pleasant as your favourite detergent's fragrance is, it's ANOTHER essential buy on our ever-increasing shopping bills. So when it comes to your washing machine, you'll want an appliance that isn't going to be wasteful.

Hotpoint's clever automatic dosing system takes the correct amount of detergent and fabric softener from the tanks for each type of load and at the right time, to guarantee optimal washing results without wastage.

4. Refresh clothes with the Steam Hygiene feature

Hotpoint's Steam Hygiene feature is a handy option which allows you to give your clothes a truly deep clean. Once your wash cycle has finished, steam enters the drum and penetrates fabrics deeper into the clothes fibres deeper than just water and detergent alone. It leaves your clothes incredibly fresh, ready for you to seize the day!

Steam is injected directly into the drum at the end of washing cycle, removing up to 99.9%* of the most common bacteria without the use chemical additives, always respecting the environment.

Forgot to unload the washing machine? Understandably, life can throw all sorts at you, but crumpled clothes shouldn't be one of those things. So keep your laundry soft, for up to 6 hours after the end of the cycle, helping to reduce creasing. This option will activate a special steaming and tumbling action for up to 6 hours after the end of the cycle. - perfect when you forget to unload the machine.

And for those who'd prefer not to spend hours ironing, it freshens your laundry by minimising wrinkles and odours in just 20 minutes - perfect when your clothes don't require a full wash yet you want that fresh from the machine smell.

*Tested by Allergy UK on Cotton 40°C, Synthetic 40°C and Bed Linen 60°C programs with Steam option activated.

5. 24 different wash programmes as standard

Hotpoint Gentle Power washing machine settings

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There's nothing worse than guessing which setting to pop your washing on and hoping for the best. Does the mixed load button really accommodate for an assorted batch of dirty clothes? Will the colours run on my new designer outfit?

With 24 different wash programmes to make sure each piece of clothing is treated with the care it deserves, you won't have to worry. Hotpoint has set the standard for understanding modern day living with handy Sports Programme settings for gym wear and a Jeans Programme to take care of delicate denim.

What's more, it'll also provide a countdown on the display panel showing how long is left until the cycle is finish, so that you can get on with life, and wear your glad rags.

6. Eco-friendly (even at the end of its product lifetime)

Hotpoint's GentlePower range is made of over 87% of components that can be recycled after the usage. Even after years and years… you decide to buy a new washing machine, you can be sure to save resources by avoiding waste.

With climate change and the tip of everyone's tongue, you can do your bit, while also having a premium and stylish washing machine to show off to friends and family.

7. It's available from AO

With a 5-year manufacturer's warranty, you'll already have peace of mind knowing that Hotpoint will cover your appliance in the event of a breakdown.

However, AO also provide additional care protection plans from just £7.49 per month. Because having clean clothes, while trying to do your bit for the planet should be luxury.

AO have over 240,000 5* ratings on TrustPilot, with a price match promise, free 100 day returns and next day delivery, 7 days a week. And if putting down a single payment is a little out of reach, AO finance provides you with the option to pay in a way that works for you.

Plus, when it comes to delivery, AO have flexible time slots to suit you, so you won't be caught in a pickle with an unexpected delivery when you're out.

With over 100,000 items in stock, you can create the house of your dreams with the latest technological home enhancements. So what are you waiting for? AO, let's go.

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