7 reasons why you should try bamboo bedding

Tuck into perfect bamboo bedding and you're guaranteed a glorious night's sleep. Here are the benefits:

Panda bamboo bedding
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What could feel better than tucking into and rising up out of the softest and most luxurious 100% bamboo bedding? It’s one of those things that you just can’t beat, and when we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, choosing the bedding which effectively keeps you comfortable throughout the night, is mightily important. One of the most common reasons for a poor night’s sleep is due to us overheating during the night, which makes us change our position.

You’re likely to have heard of bamboo – you may even have some in your garden – and this wondrous plant isn’t short of benefits. Bamboo fabric is like no other, making it the perfect choice of bedding for those who like to live consciously, and in a little luxury. We are very fond of both sleeping and gorgeous bedding, so we’ve teamed up with innovative brand Panda that offers the best bamboo bedding on the market, to tell you just why introducing bamboo bedding is the answer to the perfect night’s sleep.

1. Bamboo is breathable

Choosing a breathable material is a top priority when it comes to bedding, and as bamboo fabric is naturally sweat-wicking, it takes away the moisture from your skin which allows it to breathe. All while still insulating the skin so that your body is kept comfortably warm. 

It’s bamboo’s phenomenal absorbent qualities that play a huge part in ensuring you a comfortable night’s sleep. As bamboo can actually absorb three times more water than its weight, and is about 40% more absorbent than organic, high-quality cotton – this keeps the skin comfortable on all fronts.

bamboo bedding sets

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2. Bamboo fabric is anti-bacterial 

bamboo bedding range

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And hypoallergenic, which is a brilliant benefit even for those that don’t suffer from allergies. Its natural anti-fungal and microbial properties reduce the amount of bacteria that can thrive on the body, or on clothing, which makes it the perfect option for those with sensitive skin, eczema or that suffer from hay fever. The added bonus of this is that your bedding will feel fresh and clean for longer.

3. 100% Bamboo bedding is luxuriously soft 

panda bamboo buttons

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The refined texture of bamboo bedding is second to none, and this comes down to its viscose fibres. You’ll find that bamboo bedding may have a lower thread count than expected – sitting around the 250-350 marker - and this can seem odd when compared to the high thread count of soft, luxury cotton alternatives which boast thread counts of anything between 1000 and 1,200. However, rest assured that bamboo bedding, even with a lower thread count, can defeat cotton on levels of silkiness and comfort. What’s more, this level of softness won’t be lost to the washing machine, whether or not you choose to use a fabric softener.

4. Bamboo bedding = easy care

For many of the reasons above, bamboo bedding stays fresher for longer and is easy to keep in great condition. It’s even odour resistant, and therefore, your sheets won’t need as frequent washing as other bedding. Even when you do come to wash yours, it can go on a 30 degree cycle, and as mentioned, fabric conditioner isn’t needed to maintain its softness. You’ll even enjoy less ironing as bamboo actually resists wrinkling. Need we say more?

Panda bamboo duvet buttons

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5. Bamboo is sustainable

Bamboo is a renewable resource that is self-replenishing, and that requires little to no irrigation whatsoever. It needs a third less water than, say, cotton, to grow, and as it is naturally pest resistant, bamboo needs no fertilizer to yield a great crop. What’s more, it is 100% biodegradable so it leaves no trace on the planet.

So for anyone that lives consciously and with the environment in mind, bamboo is the way to go. As production varies between brands, be sure to choose a manufacturer that states its bed linen comes from FSC certified organic bamboo which is sustainably harvested, and ethically sourced.

It’s the extraction process of the bamboo viscose fibres that really defines just how sustainable the method of production is. This will either be chemical or mechanical, the latter method separates and extracts the fibers directly from the bamboo shoots using bio-enzymes. This more eco-friendly method avoids the disposal of harsh chemicals and requires less water. While this takes longer, it is kinder on the environment and still yields great results.

bamboo bedding by Panda

(Image credit: Panda)

6. Bamboo sheets are stronger than you think

Sheets are never bought with the intention of replacing them in a hurry, and you won’t have to worry about the lifespan of your bedding if you go for bamboo. It’s naturally durable, and therefore when it’s produced using a chemical-free mechanical process, this helps retain bamboo’s naturally strong and high-quality fibres. This, in turn, makes bed linen resistant to all types of tossing and turning throughout the night.

bamboo bedding

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7. Bamboo is great value for money 

Luxury doesn’t have to cost the earth, and when you’re investing in bedding that is kind to your skin, will stand the test of time, requires less maintenance to keep it in great condition and has close to zero environmental impact, that’s money well spent in our eyes.

bamboo bed linen

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If you’re thinking of converting to bamboo bedding, then we’d highly recommend Panda’s stunning range. Their products provide next level comfort and as Panda never use any harsh pesticides, fertilisers or herbicides, so your skin will witness nothing less than pure luxury, night after night. Everything at Panda is plastic-free – from the packaging, down to their signature 100% bamboo wood buttons – plus, their cashmere-like fabric looks just as beautiful as it feels. Take a look to unveil perfect bamboo bedding sets and sleep tight forevermore. Check out their Environmental Policy here.

Explore Panda’s range of bamboo home essentials!

The Panda 100% Bamboo Bedding Set contains two pillowcases, one fitted sheet and a duvet cover. All of their products have been awarded STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX to ensure they are free from any harmful chemicals. 

100% Bamboo Bedding | prices start at £110 for a complete single set

100% Bamboo Bedding | prices start at £110 for a complete single set

Cosy up with a complete Panda bedding set which includes a fitted sheet, duvet cover and 2 x pillowcases, all of which are made from 100% organically grown bamboo, of course. Available in five gorgeous colours, simply pick the perfect one for your room.

Bamboo & French Linen – Earth Collection| prices start at £145 for a complete single set

Bamboo & French Linen – Earth Collection| prices start at £145 for a complete single set

Panda's Earth Collection is made from a divine blend of the highest quality bamboo and linen fabrics. Available in six vibrant colours, say hello to ultimate luxury. 

The Cloud Duvet | prices start at £99.95 for a single duvet

The Cloud Duvet | prices start at £99.95 for a single duvet

It's in the name... head to cloud 9 with this luxuriously soft and lightweight duvet.

The Topper| prices start at £99.95 for a single

The Topper| prices start at £99.95 for a single

Designed with 3rd generation memory foam, this revolutionary mattress topper lets your skin breathe and moulds to your body's contours for a truly comfortable night's sleep.
*Removable bamboo cover included.

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