3 reasons you should consider a smart shower enclosure as part of your bathroom makeover

Thinking about installing a shower enclosure? Here's why yours should be a smart one

A shower enclosure in a modern bathroom
(Image credit: Kinedo)

If you’re about to embark on a bathroom makeover and are gravitating to a beautiful walk-in shower or shower enclosure, you are not alone. Showers are becoming more and more popular (sorry, baths), and the days when a shower was inferior in quality and/or design to a tub are, thankfully, long behind us. 

However, not all shower enclosures are created equal. From the quality of the materials used to the mechanism of the door and the look of the frame, there are many things to consider when choosing yours. Here are 5 good reasons why smart enclosures from Kinedo should be on your radar. 

1. There are options to suit bathrooms of all sizes

Large bathroom that can accommodate a spacious walk-in shower? Kinedo make gorgeous walk-in enclosures up to 1.8 metres in width. Tiny bathroom that will only take a corner shower? Not a problem, there’s a compact yet gorgeous 700-mm corner enclosure for that. No space for a shower door that opens outwards? Not a problem – Kinedo make enclosure with doors that pivot to sit flush with the wall, sliding doors perfect for recessed showers, and fixed panels that open up the shower space to the maximum.

A black frame shower enclosure in a modern bathroom

(Image credit: Kinedo)

2. There are design options to accommodate all tastes

Remember when the design options for a shower enclosure were white and silver? Well, the Kinedo shower enclosures are much more advanced than that. From airy, frameless single-panel designs perfect for minimalist bathrooms to patterned glass options for those who like a bit more privacy, there’s a range of exquisite, modern design options that will do your bathroom justice. Our favourite design has to be the black-frame option: it has a slight industrial edge that is right on trend. 

A shower enclosure with frosted glass in a modern bathroom

(Image credit: Kinedo)

3. You won’t be looking at ugly fixtures every day

A beautiful shower frame is only as beautiful as its fixtures – because, like it or not, you’ll be looking at that shower door handle every day of your life. The Kinedo designs that do have handles boast slender, contemporary designs. All the door panels are very slim and unobtrusive. Best of all, though, all the screws are concealed, so you can really focus on a modern, spa-like shower experience without being distracted. 

‘Smart’ can mean either clever or good-looking. Kinedo shower enclosures are both, which makes them a natural choice for bathroom makeovers big and small. 

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