5 reasons to optimise your home with bespoke built-in storage

Looking to optimise the space in your home? Bespoke fitted furniture could be the option you've been looking for...

bedroom with bespoke built in wardrobes perfect for optimising space by metro wardrobes
(Image credit: Metro Wardrobes)

If you’re looking to optimise the space in your home; be that in order to maximise storage potential, make the most of an awkward space or create a unique fitting that suits both your practical and aesthetic needs, bespoke fitted furniture could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

While bespoke is commonly considered to be expensive, cost wise, advances in technology and design knowledge mean that no longer has to be the case. In fact, being a local manufacturer like Metro Wardrobes means they are able to offer competitively priced fitted solutions tailored to the customer whilst providing quality materials.

So, whatever the size and style of your home, we’ve pulled together a list of reasons why you should optimise your home with built-in storage.

1. Create a bespoke look that suits your needs

More on Metro Wardrobes

Metro Wardrobes are a smart and efficient, young family-based company who produce made to order fitted furniture of German quality within London and the home counties. By keeping everything in-house, they’re able to fit furniture within 14 days of an order being placed.

If you have a specific vision for the look and feel of your wardrobe that hasn’t been satisfied by off-the-shelf options, or like the idea of working alongside design-focused experts who can guide you in the direction of a solution that suits your individual needs, it might be worth considering bespoke fitted wardrobes. This way, not only do you create something that suits your interiors taste and the space you’re working with, but you can also tap into the expertise of designers who know what does, and doesn’t work. 

There’s no need to worry about the process being long and drawn-out, either, as Metro Wardrobes are leading the way with an industry-fast two week lead time. So, whether you’re designing a dream space – such as a walk-in-wardrobe – or are tackling an awkward shaped space, your solution could be installed before you know it.

bedroom with bespoke built in wardrobes perfect for optimising space by metro wardrobes

(Image credit: Metro Wardrobes)

2. Maximise storage potential

Whether you live in a small property that could benefit from a space-enhancing storage solution, or want to channel your inner Marie Kondo and really get organised, there’s no doubt that fitted wardrobes maximise storage potential. Fitted sliding wardrobes tend to be a popular choice for those focusing on maximising storage; with the slim doors taking up minimal space and allowing for more focus on housing your essentials.

bedroom with built in wardrones perfect for optimising space by metro wardrobes

(Image credit: Metro Wardrobes)

3. Tackle awkward spaces

As well as maximising storage potential, fitted wardrobes also boast the benefit of allowing you to tackle awkward spaces that non-fitted furniture may not be suited to. Great examples of this are in a converted loft, where a sloping roof or rafters often mean space is wasted; as well as in a small kitchen, where non-bespoke cabinetry may mean failing to maximise the potential of the space you do have. 

Opting for a fitted solution – be that a fitted kitchen or fitted wardrobes – allows you to ensure that space is maximised. It also enhances the finished look and feel of the space by concealing awkward gaps. Metro Wardrobes are dedicated to this diversity of need, meaning their products are suitable for every UK home.

bedroom with built in wardrobe perfect for optimising space by metro wardobes

(Image credit: Metro Wardrobes)

4. Made to order is a more sustainable approach to production

If you’re concerned about reducing waste and seeking more sustainable manufacturing solutions, you may be pleased to know that opting for bespoke furniture is a great option for doing so. 

Why? Well, firstly, buying bespoke provides the opportunity for manufacturers to produce exactly what the consumer needs, when the consumer needs it, as opposed to manufacturing products based on sales predictions, which then end up not being sold. On top of this, reducing the volume of products manufactured unnecessarily (and consequently wasted) also reduces the amount of energy produced unnecessarily during the production process.

bedroom with bespoke built in wardrobes perfect for optimising space by metro wardrobes

(Image credit: Metro Wardrobes)

5. Choose experience enhancing extras that suit your needs 

With a wide selection of add on tools available, it’s never been easier to enhance your fitted wardrobe to suit your needs and – if it’s your preference – create a more luxurious wardrobe experience.

From stylish German and Italian handles and soft close hinges and runners that come complete with fitted wardrobes from Metro Wardrobes, to an optional Loox LED lighting system that illuminates your wardrobe on opening, you’re sure to find an add-on tool that suits both your practical and aesthetic requirements.

bedroom with bespoke built in wardrobes perfect for optimising space by metro wardrobes

(Image credit: Metro Wardrobes)

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