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The best desk organizer adds some storage to your home office.

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The best desk organizers can keep your office space organized without taking up the whole desktop. We've found some fantastic desk organizers for those with limited space, as well as large options for those who want to display as well as store. Many of the best desk organizers have dividers for pens, staples, scissors, and other stationery essentials. There are also some organizers for files and other larger items such as laptops, so we're bound to have the best one for you right here.

The best desk organizer is the SimpleHouseware metal desk monitor riser and organizer. It allows you to store large and small items neatly under your desktop because it acts as a stand for your monitor. This is a great choice for those limited on space, but we've also included wonderful wooden options packed with style. Keep reading to find the best option for you. 

Staff pick

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SimpleHouseware metal desk monitor riser and organizer

Dual-purpose office essential cast in sturdy metal

Store your essentials under your monitor with this smart stand. 


  • Monitor stand and storage in one
  • Four compartments
  • Sturdy mesh construction


  • Not the prettiest

Balance office chi with the support of this space-defining organizer designed to lift your desktop and spirits. Crafted from sturdy metal, the SimpleHouseware metal desk monitor riser and organizer is also a monitor riser. Not only does it elevate your screen to the ideal height, but it's also flanked with four compartments for simple placement of frequently used items like writing utensils, a cellphone, and more. It's finished with a wide, convenient drawer, making larger essentials accessible but more discreet. Sized at 20.25-by-11.5-by-5.8 inches, it's the perfect addition to any desk. 

Best for files

desk organizer

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Victor Wood Tidy Tower desktop organizer

Three colors and a smart wood finish

Store anything you want with this tower organizer. 


  • Three colors
  • Sturdy design
  • Space for anything


  • Not the cheapest

The Victor Wood Midnight Black Tidy Tower desktop organizer is the ultimate solution for those seeking a desk organizer for their files and other smaller items. It has two slots for paper, magazines, and other large items, and three drawers of various sizes for pens, staplers, and anything else you wish to store. 

A lot of the best desk organizers are mesh metal, but if you want something a little more sophisticated then this is a great option. It comes in three colors and has dimensions of 12.3-by-10.8-by-10.75 inches.

Stacked with features

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SimpleHouseware mesh desk organizer

Perforated metal organizer with packed with goodies

Store files and other large items with this perforated organizer.


  • Four large slots for files
  • Secure metal mesh
  • Drawer for smaller essentials


  • Only two color options

If you're feeling encumbered by stuff and things, the SimpleHouseware mesh desk organizer will arrange all items with ease. Ideal for notebook and paper hoarders, this style has four wide slots and a large tray to catalog important documents, files, and more. It even has a three-compartment drawer for smaller supplies that deserve their own residence. The organizer is constructed of sturdy metal with a mesh design, offering that industrial look. Clear a little room on your desktop to maximize your workspace with this 13.25-by-12-by-9-inch item-catching wonder.

Pens and more pens

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Pipishell desk organizer

A space-efficient organizer for all your essentials

Mesh supply staple with plenty of utensil-ready compartments.


  • Compact
  • Loads of storage compartments
  • See-through design to keep an eye on your items


  • No room for large items

We all have our favorite pens, be they store-bought or promotional, and they need a special place. The Pipishell desk organizer has space for ink pens, markers, highlighters, pencils, and maybe even a pair of scissors, ensuring they have room with five deep compartments, three shallow ones, and a drawer. Paperclips, push pins, and post-its will also get their very own place in this compartment and drawer. This perfectly sized mesh desktop addition will keep everything ready to go.

Artist approved

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Marbasse wooden desk organizer

Wooden style perfect for readying pens and more

Storage space for displaying pens, pencils, and other essentials. 


  • Smart wooden design
  • A softer touch
  • Vertical storage


  • Assemble yourself

Desks primed and ready for sketches, drawings, and renderings of any sort need an organizer focused on keeping every colorful utensil within reach. This adorable wooden design features a grid of nine angled compartments perfect for coordinating and categorizing markers, colored pencils, pens, brushes, and more. Below the utensil-ready compartments is a trio of partitioned nooks to wedge additional supplies. If that isn't enough, there's even a drawer to hide away additional pertinent effects. The Marbasse wooden desk organizer makes it easy to create great works of art to the tiniest doodles. (It's also a great solution for makeup artists, too.) Accompanied by a bunny-inspired phone holder, this design can't get any better. Choose from the available color options.

Color boost

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EasyPAG mesh desk organizer

Add some style to your desk

Supply-savvy metal design in an array of colors.


  • Add a touch of color
  • Mesh metal
  • Store small and large items


  • Not the largest

Wrangling office supplies is easy with this multi-compartment organizer. With durable metal construction and loads of compartments, the EasyPAG mesh desk organizer will separate and support your supply. Group pens, pencils, and markers in the four deep wells and keep smaller items like paperclips, and rubber bands, in the four compact slot offerings. To neatly tuck away infrequently used items, there's even a little drawer for a small notepad or even staples. What's great about this option is that it has a wealth of color options. From a brilliant pink to vibrant blue, there's a shade available for every décor style.    

Get shelf-ish

desk organizer

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Jerry & Maggie wooden desktop organizer

Style in abundance

Sleek wooden stunner with ample shelves.


  • For display and organization
  • Store anything you want
  • Variety of colors


  • Takes up a lot of space

Knickknacks and book stacks are the perfect residents for this lovely furniture-inspired selection. Crafted from sturdy wood, the Jerry & Maggie wooden desktop organizer offers tons of style to your desktop. Detailed with several roomy shelves, there's space for textbooks, magazines, a miniature calendar, or even potted plants. No matter if your needs are functional or decorative, this organizer will add a little personality to your workspace. So, grab your favorite vase, framed photo, and pencil holder to create a customized and sophisticated desk destination. This 16-by-15.8-by-6.8-inch organizer is available in several classic color options.

Workspace simplifiers 

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Desk organizers are about to make your life a lot easier and less cluttered. Our top pick is the SimpleHouseware metal desk monitor riser and organizer, which saves space by acting as a stand for your computer monitor as well as a storage space. We've also found some fantastic options for those without monitors to rise. This includes the Pipishell desk organizer and the EasyPAG mesh desk organizer, both of which offer a variety of storage spaces for small office essentials such as pens and pencils. 

For something a bit larger, check out the Jerry & Maggie wooden desktop organizer. It has space for the largest pen collection imaginable, and the Marbasse wooden desk organizer gives you plenty of vertical storage space if you're short on desk room. Another great-looking option is the Victor Wood Tidy Tower desktop organizer, which comes in three colors.

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