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Candles will light your living space in style. Choose from our comprehensive collection.

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A candle is a wonderful addition to your home or apartment. It can light the way to a romantic dinner or inspire you to keep self-care in mind while exercising or working. Candles are also beautiful to look at in just about any environment. We've selected the most luxurious options to spruce up your living quarters. 

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Yankee scented candle

A range of wonderful scents will meet your mood

The Yankee scented candle comes in several scents for different moods, ranging from cinnamon to whimsical rainbow cookies. The design is perfect, as the glass jar is durable and very hard to tip over. The removable top makes it easy to preserve the scent for later use.

The scented candle burn time is rated for an incredible 150 hours, providing several days or weeks of use at the very least if you use candles frequently. The 100-per cent natural fibre cotton wick is straightened and placed in the center to make sure your candle will keep burning for a long time.

Best design


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Woodwick hourglass scented candle

Diverse fragrances will diffuse perfectly in the hourglass shape

The Woodwick hourglass scented candle is available in many enjoyable fragrances. The design is perfectly optimized to spread those scents, too. The hourglass shape creates a wider opening, while also melting the candle evenly for the estimated 60-hour burn time.

Best value


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Shearer Candles scented candle

These affordable scents will add a dose of self-care to your life

The Shearer Candles scented candle will deliver a range of scents at a great value. The tin can housing will keep the candle burning evenly in a safe-to-use design. You can also easily bring this candle on the road with you to use in your office or a hotel room.

Best atmosphere


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Skandinavisk scented candle

Bring the scents of Scandinavia to your living space

The Skandinavisk scented candle perfectly spreads the feeling of hygge (or cosiness) that is so prevalent in Scandinavian culture. A range of scents will let you experience different aspects of the northern environment, all from your own living room. Mesmerising design elements on each candle type make this selection an attractive addition to your workplace or home.

Bottom line

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Our overall pick is the Yankee scented candle for its range of scents and durable design. The glass jar top will preserve the scent in between burnings. With 150 hours of burn time, you will have plenty of time to savour the scent. The candle wick is also straight and centred to make sure that the candle burns evenly over those hours.

There's much to enjoy with the other options, too. The Woodwick hourglass scented candle has a great shape that will diffuse the scent perfectly while also making the candle evenly burn for dozens of hours. The Shearer Candles scented candle is impressively affordable and portable. We also like the Skandinavisk scented candle for its effortless feeling of hygge (comfort) through the scent and design.

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