5 reasons we love this new home security kit from Swann, for you

Want to make your home feel like a happier, safer place to live? The Swann 4K Enforcer™ Kit is a smart new design which will help you in more ways than one

swan security camera on exterior of home
(Image credit: Swan)

Boosting your home security would be a smart move - especially since we've all been investing a lot more time and energy into making the place we live a happier, healthier one. The type of thing which could really work seamlessly with your latest home improvements is the Swann 4K Enforcer™ Kit. And if you’ve not heard of it before then you wouldn’t be mistaken. The kit is new for 2021 and includes an eight-channel NVR wired security system with four Bullet and Enforcer™ cameras which aims to achieve an innovative yet cost-effective way for you to protect your home from any harm or intruders. 

Sounds impressive, doesn't it? Anything to keep our homes safely out of harm's way has got to be seen as a plus, especially when there’s so many features to take advantage of to make us all feel safer during these strange, scary times in which we currently live. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Swann to share five reasons why this new home security kit would be worth having, this year and beyond.

1. Warning off intruders

To have top-of-the-range features on your doorstep for seeing and hearing in all eventualities has got to be appealing. Surveying the surroundings of your castle grounds or interiors as and when you please can be comforting. And, what’s an even more appeasing thought, is that intruders can be warned off as soon as they come into sight.

The Enforcer™ comes jam-packed with patent-pending crime deterrent technology which means that each of the four cameras sense heat, movement and/or people. These in turn trigger optional red and blue flashing lights, bright spotlights and sirens to warn anyone (or anything) off. You can even engage in two-way talk to really cause a fright and encourage those up to no-good to stay away from what is yours. 

woman holding swan security camera

 Woman unpacking the Swann 4K Enforcer™ Kit 

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2. Alerts as they happen

Imagine if you could receive live broadcasting and triggers as soon as an interference is detected. Yep. It'll mean that you'll have time to act, without having just spent the night with your face pressed up against the new windows. It's a super smart move and one which will enable push notifications to your smart mobile device which can be received at any time, wherever you are in the world. Now there's a thought.

Having the Swann Security App installed on your device will mean that these push notifications can happen as soon as any heat, movement and/or people are detected. You also have the option to choose who you wish to be alerted about with the useful Face Recognition feature so you can be sent a mobile alert and/or trigger video recording when they are identified on site. 

3. Day and night colour vision

Video security cameras have come a long way since recording footage in black and white, only. Although cameras of this nature, especially for use at home, have only become more readily available over the past few years, the technology has really taken off to offer the ability to capture more detail than ever before. Seeing in colour is always going to show up more details, so there will be no hiding behind the garden bin on the driveaway should the unimaginable happen.

The new Swann 4K Enforcer™ Kit not only shoots in 4K Ultra HD, with powerful digital zoom, but it also has Night2Day™ technology. This also generates 4K colour video at night to cover a distance of up to 130ft/40m in total darkness so no matter what time of day it is you’ll be able to see everything that’s happening live or in playback mode for total peace of mind. This can all be streamed direct from your camera through Google Assistant or Chromecast, Google Home Hub, any Alexa devices with a screen, or via the app on your smart phone.

4. Flexibility is key

Everyone's home is different, and yours will be no exception. Your home security needs to work for you and your household. Having the ability to add multiple cameras to an existing system can be super handy not just for increasing the coverage inside and outside of your abode, but also as a longevity plan as you and your family may move to a larger house, or downsize, in the future. This way you could be future proofing the system for your needs.

This eight channel DVR already comes with four Enforcer Cameras but you also have the flexibility to add four more cameras for increased coverage and to reduce blind spots if you need to. With the Swann Security app loaded onto your mobile device, you’ll even have the ability to integrate with other products in the Swann Security family.

Swan security camera on exterior of home

Swann NVR Enforcer™ Kit  being used on an outside wall

(Image credit: Swan )

5. No subscription costs

When thinking about buying a security system, it’s a good idea to think smart and look into other outgoings which this buy could lead to. Sometimes a subscription is the only option, but it’s always good to have the option to upgrade depending on your requirements.

The Swann NVR Enforcer™ Kit has no ongoing subscription fees since you can have local recordings stored for free for up to 180 days onto the rather generous 2TB hard drive. If you want to, however, you can opt to upgrade to the Swann Secure+ service plan for longer cloud recording, rich notifications, extended warranty and insurance protection but this decision is totally up to you.