3 reasons why you should be washing your clothes with steam

If you want cleaner clothes, here are three ways how AO and LG can take the stress out of doing the laundry with the power of steam technology

LG V7 F4V710WTSE Wifi Connected 10.5Kg Washing Machine
(Image credit: AO)

Upgrading your washing machine needn’t be a daunting task, especially with so much incredible technology now more readily available at our fingertips to (pretty much) complete the laundry chore for us. With the pandemic still gripping the country, a smart new washing machine could be just what you need to help your house run more smoothly this year. It’ll also ensure that your laundry is cared for, and washed, in the right way which will help to prolong the longevity of even your most precious garments.

Cleaning with steam is something which we are perhaps more familiar with when it comes to keeping our flooring spotless, rather than our clothes, which is why we have teamed up with online electrical retailer, AO, to share three reasons why it’s also an option worth considering for your laundry. A generous capacity, smart features and a choice of colours for your appliance could also seem rather tempting right now, too.

1. Effectively removes allergens

The reason why we tend to wash our clothes is because they look or smell like they could do with a wash, but have you ever thought about the bacteria and allergens which could be hanging on to the material? These bacteria and allergens – such as pollen and pet dander – could trigger sudden flare ups or reactions. Also lurking amongst the fibres could be bacteria and viruses, which are important to be kept at bay for obvious health reasons.

Cleaning with steam technology – such as with the LG V7 F4V710WTSE Wifi Connected 10.5kg Washing Machine – uses pure water and heat to create a hygienic steam that’ll remove 99.9%* of bacteria and allergens. It will maintain a constant temperature throughout the Allergy Care cycle to make sure you end up with sanitised, cleaner clothes at the end of it.

LG V7 F4V710WTSE Wifi Connected 10.5kg Washing Machine

(Image credit: LG)

2. Powerful yet gentle

When we put our clothes in the washing machine we expect them to come out looking like (near enough) new. They need to be free from all manners of dirt, odour-free and certainly with no reduction in size.

When cleaning with steam it’s powerful on dirt but gentle on your clothes. Using pure water for steam, to both relax the fabric and remove bacteria and allergens, then increasing the water temperature based on the cycle settings. This works in harmony with other smart features – such as AI DD** – which you’ll find in this specific type of LG washing machine.  This will detect the weight and sense the softness of fabric as it automatically adjusts the wash motions to suit the fabric types, removing all the hassle and guess work from your mind and help prolong your clothes life.

LG V7 F4V710WTSE Wifi Connected 10.5kg Washing Machine

(Image credit: LG)

3. Reduces the need for ironing

Ironing is a chore which many of us succumb to because we want to have our shirts hang nicely and have our trousers neatly folded away. When ironing, a combination of pressure, heat and steam does the trick (if you’re well practised) yet having anything which could help to reduce either one, or all, of these elements could really help the speed at which the task is complete.

The steam technology feature from LG washing machines can help to minimise wrinkles because of how the steam works with the fibres of the material. This will then minimise the time you’ll need to spend ironing so you can focus on other things that matter.

* 99.9% allergen reduction certified by BAF
**AIDD is applied to Cotton, Mixed and Easy Care cycles.