6 super fun roommate traditions to start this year

Roommate rituals for the win!

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Just moved in with a new roommate and looking for some fun roommate traditions to start? We’ve got you covered. Whether you're sharing an apartment with someone you’ve known for years or the two of you have only recently met, it's a big deal! 

You’re living in a shared space, so naturally you want to ensure that you and your roommate get along as well as possible. Granted, you might not be BFFs (and that’s perfectly fine BTW) but that doesn’t mean that you can't create a meaningful connection. And what better way to do that than by creating some fun roommate traditions? 

Part of figuring out how to be a good roommate is giving people space but also spending quality time together. To give you a helping hand, we’ve rounded up some ideas (many of which we have tried and tested ourselves) that should allow you and your pal-by-proximity to bond and create fun mems you can recreate year after year. 

All the cutest roommate traditions to start RN

Whether you're big fans of pizza nights in or want to celebrate the holiday season together, screenshot these fun traditions and make them your own.

1. Decorate for the holidays together

You know how when you lived at home, your whole family would decorate for the holidays together? Well, there’s no reason why you can’t plan to do something similar with your roommate. Make it a tradition that every year the two of you decorate for the holidays. When my roommate and I started doing this, we both introduced each other to a couple of our family’s traditions too, and made them part of our roommate tradition. I brought a gallon of mulled cider, and she brought a gingerbread house for us to make. 

2. Friendsgiving 

This one is srsly cute. Our social media editor Nishaa shared how she and her friends would often celebrate Friendsgiving together. You can either celebrate on the day or (if you’re going home to visit family) the day before. Invite all of your friends and ask them to bring a dish of their choice — be sure to use a spreadsheet so 10 bowls of mashed potatoes don't show up. Then you can share a meal, play games, and have a lovely time celebrating. 

3. Plan a pizza making night

Organize a monthly pizza-making night for you and your roommate. Head to the store and pick up all of your favorite toppings and some bases, and spend the evening making pizzas together. It might be a simple activity but making homemade pies can be a lot of fun and a really great way to bond. 

4. Host a movie and munchies night

Our editor in chief Melissa shared how she and her friends used to have monthly "movies and munchies" nights where they’d all get together with all their fave snacks and spend the evening watching their favorite films. Get your roommates and invite a few other gal pals if you'd like, pick a movie, and spend the evening chillin' out, munching on goodies. 

5.   Create a Saturday morning ritual  

My roommate and I used to love our Saturday morning ritual. We’d wake up, make our favorite coffees (PSL anyone?!), and then we’d spend a few hours sipping coffee and catching up on our weeks. It was our go-to Saturday morning tradition and a really great way to bond. So, I’d wholeheartedly recommend creating a weekend ritual of your own — something that you and your roommate can do together week in, week out. This could be having a coffee together, doing a virtual yoga class, or learning a new brunch recipe. 

6.  Celebrate Galentine’s Day together 

Make Galentine’s Day an annual tradition. Each year, plan to spend Galentine’s Day — the day before Valentine's Day — celebrating your friendship. This could mean hosting a party at your apartment for all your girlfriends, having a chilled-out movie night, or trying a new activity each year. It doesn’t matter how you celebrate, just as long as you focus on your gal pal friendships. Me and my roommate once ordered McDonald's and had a Galentine's picnic in our living room. It was totally dreamy. 


How do I bond with my roommate?

The best way to start getting to know your roommate(s) better is by spending more time together. Starting a set of roommate traditions could be a really great way to do this. It could be something as simple as a monthly brunch or decorating for the holidays together.

How can I connect with my new roommate?

It's a good idea to spend time together while also creating clear, healthy boundaries if you want to better connect with your roommate. Planning to do things together regularly is a great way to better connect and learn more about each other. 

By finding cute li'l ways to spend more time with your roommate you can help to build up a really great bond that'll make living together and communicating much easier. 

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