5 gorgeously green smoothies from our favorite bloggers to start the New Year right

Say hello to 2021 with one of these deliciously healthy green smoothies from the best health food bloggers around

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After a month (or two) of pure indulgence, it's high time we introduced a few green smoothies into our diets for 2021. But we don't mean any old green smoothies, especially not the type that you take one sip of only to push it to the side... Because green smoothies got really good in the past couple of years and we've rounded up our favorite five from some of the best health food bloggers around to inspire your New Year's health kick.

So if your diet from about Thanksgiving time through to Christmas and onto New Years consisted mainly of pumpkin pie, turkey, cheese and wine (lots of wine) then it's fair to say that you're going to need to brush away the cobwebs and get on track for a fruitful New Year – excuse the pun!

Most of these smoothies are naturally vegetarian, gluten-free and some are completely vegan also. What they all are however is super green and beautiful, nutritionally dense and designed to nourish your body and to make you feel good. Grab your best blender and let's get to it.

1. Minimalist Baker's SUPER green spirulina smoothie

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You can't get much more healthy and delicious than Minimalist Baker's SUPER Green Spirulina Smoothie (opens in new tab). Sticking to the minimalist mantra – one of the reasons why we and the world love what Dana the founder of Minimalist Baker does so much – this super green smoothie needs just five ingredients including spirulina powder which – is full of antioxidants – puts the SUPER into this smoothie. 

2. Oh She Glows green tea lime pie smoothie bowl

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If you still feel like indulging for breakfast – you are not alone – then Oh She Glows green tea lime smoothie bowl (opens in new tab) was created for you! Smoothie bowls do just feel that bit more comforting, and this recipe is full of hydrating coconut water, avocado (omegas) and like in the name, Matcha green tea powder that is a great add in for its detoxing benefits. Help that liver out why don't you! 

3. Deliciously Ella's green glow smoothie

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You can always count on Ella for great vegan recipes, and this green smoothie is perfect if you want a fresh pick-me-up as it has all the summer vibes going on too. It's got banana in it which is great for a potassium boost – oh hey energy – it gets sweetness from the apple juice and the almond butter makes it really rich, creamy and satisfying. Deliciously Ella's green glow smoothie (opens in new tab) is totally on our New Year new me menu. Oh, and with the launch of Deliciously Ella's new app (opens in new tab), healthy eating is made beyond easy.

4. Jar of Lemons' avocado green smoothie 

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Avocado is great in green smoothies and it's that superfood that we all love for brunch and the like. It's got heaps of fibre in it and is full of good fats which helps you get that glow. Start 2021 with this gorgeous avocado green smoothie concoction from Christine, creator of Jar of Lemons (opens in new tab) and you will not regret it. Plus, it's totally vegetarian, gluten-free and divine (much like every thing else on Christine's platform!).

5. HEMSLEY + HEMSLEY's Baobab ‘Green eggs' smoothie

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A green eggs smoothie isn't what you were expecting right? But, if you have eggs leftover from making eggnog for the holidays then this is the perfect way to use them up, and it's a far cry from an omelette!  Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley, founders of the wonderfully inspiring HEMSLEY + HEMSLEY created this awesome smoothie (opens in new tab) complete with raw egg yolks to help boost energy and kiss hangovers goodbye.

Anyone who follows HEMSLEY + HEMSLEY will see just how delicious and nutrient-dense their recipes are, and this green smoothie is no different. It will fuel you up for the day ahead, all while still light, easy to digest and above all, delicious!

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