5 freestanding bathtubs perfect for small bathrooms

No space? No problem, these bathtubs can be squeezed into the diddiest of bathrooms…

The Apollo Bath in copper by The Albion Bath Company
(Image credit: Albion Bath Company)

For those of us who have been blessed with bathrooms that are slightly on the smaller side, having a free standing bath seems like a far off dream, a luxury that is reserved for those who have a pretty lofty bathrooms. Well don’t be so quick to stamp on your bathtub dreams people, because Albion Bath Company, actually have loads of gorgeous freestanding baths that are perfect for small bathrooms. Just check out some of our favourites, we wouldn’t mind spending an hour, or five, in these stunning tubs… 

1. The Tubby Tub

Created for even the tiniest of bathrooms, the Tubby Tub measures only 1200mm in length but is still sumptuously deep. The exterior of the tub, can be finished in basically whatever colour you fancy, just pick from any Farrow & Ball or Dulux paint. Or you could go super opulent and choose a burnished finish in either gold, silver or bronze. 

As with all Albion baths, the Tubby Tub is made from a unique Iso-Enamel material, an amalgamation of high technology resin and a special reinforced mineral. The result is a strong, durable and luxurious construction that gives years of bathing enjoyment. Plus the material doesn't have any of the drawbacks of cast iron. Unlike cast iron Albion's Iso-Enamel material acts as an insulator rather than a conductor of heat, therefore keeps your bathing water hotter for longer and at roughly a third of the weight of cast iron, there’s no need to reinforce your bathroom floor.

Albion Bath Company The Tubby Tub

(Image credit: Albion Bath Company)

2. The Tubby Too

The double ended version of the Tubby Tub, the Tubby Too, provides a little more space for bathing but still has a very small footprint, just 1470mm long. Made from Albion's Iso-enamel material, it is pictured here in a burnished gold finish, but is also available in bronze, silver or, again,  painted in any Dulux or Farrow & Ball shade.

Tubby Too by The Albion Bath Company

(Image credit: Albion Bath Company)

3. The Tubby Torre

A slightly more contemporary take on the Tubby Tub, the Tubby Torre is a plinth bath rather than footed. The Tubby Torre is available in three lengths of 1200, 1300 and 1400 (mm) long, so you have plenty of choice and all sizes are suited to smaller bathrooms. The best thing about the Tubby Torre? Unlike it’s footed brothers, this tub can be finished in the Albion’s specialist Polished Pewter, which gives a mirror like effect. Sounds fabulous. 

The Tubby Torre in copper by the Albion Bath Company

(Image credit: Ablion Bath Company)

4. The Apollo

If you are after a design that perfectly combines both modern and classic styles, then the Apollo is your best bet. It’s soft curves offer maximum comfort despite it’s small size (1770 x 770mm or 1985 x 860mm) and it's supplied without tap holes so taps can either be taps can either be mounted on stand pipes, or onto an adjacent wall. As with all the baths we have mentioned, you can combine the Apollo with the functional Effusio Over-Bath Shower system. This will give you the day-to-day practicality of a shower (basically saving you a tonne of time in the morning), but with the luxury of a freestanding tub. 

Also, we’ve got to mention, how dreamy would this little tub look in a bedroom?!

The Apollo in copper by the Albion Bath Company

(Image credit: Albion Bath Company)

5. The Neptune Slipper 

Based on the classic slipper bath design, the Neptune Slipper has a gentle sweep that allows for maximum comfort despite the compact design. The gorgeous classic feet are cast from traditional grey iron and secured by an adjustable fixing system. This will allow adjustment for undulating floors if you are dealing with the quirks of old flooring. Like all of the tubs, this is available in any Farrow & Ball or Dulux colour, or the more opulent burnished finish, but we personally can’t get enough of this gorgeous bold purple.

If you do have a bit more space in your bathroom, the Neptune Slipper also comes in a larger size (1705mm). 

The Neptune Slipper by the Albion Bath Company

(Image credit: Albion Bath Company)

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