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13-Inch Copper & Pewter Dome

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Interior design is forever evolving and encompassing new trends, but one thing for sure is that the industrial trend will be around for a long time to come. The popular trend is about making use of what your interior has, exposing natural elements and utilising raw materials such as wood and metal. If your interior is a new build or lacks natural materials, you can replicate the industrial vibe by focusing on incorporating vintage-style accessories.

Industrial lights have become increasingly popular, especially as they are usually crafted using raw materials such as copper and brass. If you’re looking for the perfect vintage-style light, then Industville’s range is the ideal range for you.

Good and stylish lighting is the key ingredient for tying your décor together, lighting helps to define the look of the space, and the best way to do that is with pendant lights. Pendant lights bring atmosphere and warmth, transforming any interior they are placed in.

If you want a lighting fixture that will not only put the spotlight on your interior but look seamless in any room with any style, then look no further than the 13-inch Pewter & Copper Pendant. The vintage-inspired pendant looks perfect in any room, especially in the kitchen placed in trios above a kitchen island.

The perfect thing about this light? It can be easily placed in classic, contemporary interiors as well as sleek, modern interiors, making the pendant timeless.

This versatile light is available with two different holders, the Brooklyn and Sleek holders, allowing you to select which look you’d like to achieve. The dome pendants are also available in pewter & brass, light pewter, pewter, copper and brass, as well as in a smaller 8-inch shade.

You can view Industville’s range of vintage-style pendants here.

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