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Norman Brown and myself set up Beaumont & Brown in 2005 and spent years refining what we consider to be the most exceptional bed linen available.

Right from day one we selected our joint venture factory and have used them ever since. Together selecting cotton yarns, perfecting weaving, whiteness and finish, stitch count, design and final presentation has been an exciting journey and we feel all this effort is reflected in the quality of our products today.

Cotton – Our long staple cotton (known as Egyptian cotton nowadays) is sourced and then selected from all over the world, it is then carefully finished in the same factory we have used from the start adhering to strict environmental standards.

Thread Count – Because we supply over 300 hotels Worldwide we have, and still do, produce many different thread counts to fit various requirements but we selected our favourite and what we consider to be optimal 400TC for home use and longevity.

Pillows & Duvets – To reduce our carbon footprint and also be 100% sure on the origin of the feathers and down we have all our pillows and duvets manufactured in the UK. Our suppliers have been carefully selected and our products developed together with them to offer the best possible. 

Robes, Towels and Rugs- Our range of beautiful 650gsm towels are available in our 3 core colours, White, Latte and also Slate. There is simply nothing better than grabbing a new soft towel from the pile of laundry and wrapping it around you.

If you want to know anything about our products or the manufacturing processes then we are always available to answer your questions by email ( or on the the chat window on our website

We hope you enjoy browsing our products and we promise whatever you decide to buy will exceed all your expectations.

Many Thanks

Robin Beaumont (Co-Founder).