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At Omnia Bathrooms we are passionate about the environment and helping to protect our world for generations to come.  With this in mind we have made the decision to only promote and sell water saving ‘Eco’ taps and showers on our ecommerce website (opens in new tab)

This means that the high-quality branded products on our website have ‘Eco’ technology with reduced water consumption of up to 60% than convention products but they still provide the same constant flow giving you an air technology enriched experience. 

All our shower heads, whether overhead (opens in new tab)  or hand-held (opens in new tab)  only consume 9 litres of water per minute*, with AirPower Technology mixing water with air to provide lighter, more voluminous and softer water droplets. The flow rate remains constant even at different water pressures, giving you a pleasurable shower and being kind to the environment. 

All our shower heads have QuickClean Technology with flexible silicone jets allowing deposits to be removed by simply rubbing over with your finger.

Another benefit of our ‘Eco’ products is the reduction in your household bills as less hot 

water and energy is being expended- see savings calculator (opens in new tab)

*calculated at 3 bar pressure

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