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We’re excited to be celebrating 30 years of our iconic Victorian Floor Tile collection! These beautiful, classic, yet highly durable tiles have graced homes for over a century and their popularity in both period and modern homes continues to soar. Original Style introduced its own authentic collection in 1990 and we have since become renowned for our extensive range of shapes, colours, patterns and borders alongside hand-crafted decorative tiles for added grandeur and extravagance. Now one of the leading global suppliers of Victorian Floor Tiles, we continue offer our long-standing quality service and expert knowledge to our customers who value authenticity and are seeking to embrace the splendour of tradition.

All of our geometric floor tile designs are created from individual shapes – square, rectangle, diamond, triangle, octagon, hexagon and trapezium, with various colourways and sizes designed to co-ordinate with one and other. The individual geometric tiles are then carefully laid, by hand, into repeating sections that tessellate to create decorative designs. Supplying singular pieces provides endless bespoke pattern opportunities as well as flexibility during installation that allows for the fine adjustment of grout gaps to reduce cutting and give the best aesthetic and authentic finish.

Furthermore, Original Style also offers a selection of hand-crafted decorative tiles and complementary borders for added detail and charm. Many of the patterns and borders in our collection are based on authentic and traditional designs from the Victorian and Edwardian eras and are part of Britain’s heritage – however, that doesn’t mean that these tiles cannot be used to great effect in more modern properties. Incorporate a contemporary colourway or opt for a Bloomsbury, check or herringbone design to bring a classic Victorian Floor Tile design into the modern era.

Our Victorian Floor Tile brochure, aside from inspiration, also contains guidance on how patterns and borders are made up and how many pieces are needed for a square metre/foot area or, in the case of borders, linear metre/foot. To download our brochure, please visit our website (opens in new tab).  
For more information about our Victorian Floor Tile collection and to start exploring patterns and colourways, please contact your nearest 
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