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The days of the humble radiator being a simple and somewhat unsightly metal box are over.

An increasing number of homeowners throughout the country are recognising that modern heating appliances can add an extra dimension to any space and even help to increase the value of their property.

A Vertical Designer Radiator from BestHeating will help to maximise space and provide an impressive visual element for your home’s heating; not to mention keeping the room warm and cosy with an impressive BTU output.

Featuring an array of sizes, materials and finishes – as well as being available in both plumbed and electric installations – BestHeating offer one of the largest collections of vertical designer radiators on the UK market.

Stocking a range of products from some of the UKs leading radiator manufacturers, BestHeating offer inspirational heating solutions at an affordable price.

Each vertical designer radiator in this extensive collection has been tested and certified to BS-EN442 standards and comes with an industry leading guarantee.

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