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Location: Midlands, Nottinghamshire, All UK & Northern Ireland

Olsen Doors and Windows offer a range of different timber windows, with choices ranging from double or triple glazing, inward or outward opening and even choices of different timber types.

The core of our entire timber window system range are made from an engineered laminated timber, traditionally Pine, which is impregnated and factory treated and finished offering superior lifespan and durability.

The beauty of timber windows can really be appreciated with using either clear lacquer finishes or even stain which really allows the timber grain to be appreciated. Alternatively a painted finish on Olsen’s timber products can sometimes be mistaken for aluminium as it is flawlessly smooth.

Our inward opening timber window systems come in the form of Thermo 80 and Elite 92 which each have varying specification. The Thermo 80 is predominantly double glazed, but can be upgraded to triple glazing, with standard U-values from 1.2W/m2K and 1.0W.m2K respectively. The Elite 92 system is an upgraded version of the Thermo 80, offering passive levels of insulation with triple glazing and overall U-values from 0.76W/m2K.

Olsen’s outward opening timber windows can also either be double glazed, the Euro system, or triple glazed, the Scandia system.

Olsen also offers traditional Sash Windows as well as Sash Windows with a modern twist wherein a tilt function can be added to the moving sashes for easy cleaning.

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