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There is something special about being in a bespoke walk-in wardrobe designed and crafted by The Heritage Wardrobe Company.

Each design is created with a meticulous eye-catching detail that draws you in. Runs of vaulted columns are divided by elegant compartmentalised storage, designed to present open rows of garments and shoes to be selected with ease.

Beautifully hand-painted vaulted columns, ornate skirting and majestic cornice create a traditional elegance. Each open display area is framed with a choice of interiors to suit your means, from wonderfully scented Lebanon Cedar or rich tones of walnut and oak wood, to high quality melamine veneers.

The Freedom to Choose

Designs blend open display areas with traditional crafted panel doors and a selection of unique mirror doors, with ornate period and contemporary fret designs. Runs of doors and open display step out with breakfronts to create striking angles and central areas to draw the eye.

Glass fronted doors draw the eye in to rows of display purposefully designed for shoes and hand bags, presented on soft glide pull-out trays set behind light sensor glass doors to be admired in elegant order.

Approved Craftsman

The Heritage Wardrobe Company pride themselves on the quality craftsmanship of their approved fitters, who are meticulous in their attention to detail when scribing around existing ornate skirting, cutting into cornice and scribing panels to walls and ceiling. The end result is stunningly designed walk-in wardrobes fitted to blend in seamlessly with your existing interior.

A Personal Service

Heritage believe your walk-in wardrobes should deliver elegant functionality that is truly bespoke to you. By working closely with you we build a detailed understanding of your lifestyle and storage needs whilst creating a unique space that blends your taste for style and design.


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