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Sputnik Satin Paint

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Self-undercoating satin for Interior woodwork, floors & painted metal

Coverage: approx 12m2/litre per coat on non-porous surfaces. VOC content <0.1g/Litre

Prep - Remove any loose, dusty or flaking material. Use only high quality fillers – seal with this product diluted with 10% water. Substrate must be clean and dry (no dirt, oil, grease etc). Previously painted wood or metal surfaces need a light rub-down with sandpaper. Bare hardwoods need priming. Concrete must be dry & dust-free; dilute first coat with 15% water.

Paint - Drying time: approx one hour with light ventilation. Stir well to ensure the paint is completely mixed. Apply 2-3 coats with a short pile roller or fibrillated brush, leave 8 hours between coats. TIP: drying may take longer in very cold or humid conditions. If the colour change is very strong, more coats may be required. Floors need 3 coats. Do not lay-off.

Cleaning – with a wet sponge, do not use harsh, abrasive, alkaline cleaners. Full hardness is achieved in approx 10 days – avoid washing, wetting or abrasion for this time.

Clean-Up - wash equipment, brushes and rollers in water.

Storage - Store paint in dry conditions away from frost & heat.

Health & Safety - this product is considered to be non-toxic and safe – but do not swallow and keep out of the reach of children.

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