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Sputnik Masonry Paint

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Location: All UK & Northern Ireland

Masonry paint smooth & self-undercoating for exterior & interior walls.

Coverage: approx 12m2/litre per coat on non-porous surfaces. VOC content <0.1g/Litre

Prep - Remove any loose, dusty or flaking material with a wire brush or scraper etc. Ensure the surface is clean and dry (no dirt, oil, grease etc). If new, bare or absorbent surface, (eg plaster or filler) seal with this product, thinned 10% with water. Repair damage using good quality filler – low cost fillers can cause flaking. Pour out as much paint as needed - do not put the brush or part-used paint back in the tin - it can cause spoilage.

Paint - Drying time: approx one hour with light ventilation. Stir well to ensure the paint is completely mixed. Apply 2-3 coats with a medium pile roller, leave 8 hours between coats. TIP: drying may take longer in very cold or humid conditions. If the colour change is very strong, more coats may be required. Do not lay-off. Full curing & hardness is achieved in approx 10 days – avoid abrasion for this time.

Clean-Up - wash equipment, brushes and rollers in water.

Storage - Store paint in dry conditions away from frost & heat.

Health & Safety - this product is considered to be non-toxic and safe – but do not swallow and keep out of the reach of children.

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